Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

Wow wow WOW what a week!(: Ah it was SO fun! 

So basically all before Tuesday it was just a set up/prep for our English classes kinda thing - which ended up going AWESOME by the way(: Ah it was SO fun! Sora Harper and I teach beginner and medium - and the people here are hilarious. Man... you ask them a question in english like "How was your week?" .....15 seconds later..... "Ce inseamna asta?" haha step by step(: They'll get there! Learning a new language is HARD! I am sure that my first few weeks out here I just looked like a deer in headlights haha(: I'm sure I STILL look like that sometimes with this blessed language. 

No, but really though. English classes went so well(: We had about 42 people in Beginner, and around 48 in Medium. I was able to meet this SUPER cool guy in beginner named "Attila" (yes just like Attila the Hun) and we have been meeting with him and his girlfriend a few times this week to practice English and talk a little more about what we believe - a program we do called 30/30's. (30 minutes English, 30 minutes gospel)

He is HILARIOUS though. haha in beginner when Sora Harper and I were introducing ourselves, the class asked what exactly "Armstrong" meant..and they all thought it was hilarious that such a name even existed in English. They all thought it was a Russian name.....can almost guarantee its not Russian haha(: Anyways - there is a white board that we use in English class where it can turn upside down so that you can write on the other side right(: So I like thought that I would be all professorish and flip the board on the other side...but when I did so...and while I was tightening it back...I totally broke off the entire handle. In front of the ENTIRE english class.....AH so embarrassing. It went dead quiet and then Attila shouts "ARMSTRONG" hahaha and everyone is DYING haha(: So at least these students understand what the words Armstrong mean in english #hanice #legend

The next couple days Sora Harper wasn't feeling too good - but it worked out okay because I was able to make and cook a Banana pie and pumpkin(?) pie for Thanksgiving, as well as two little turkeys. That was QUITE the experience. Who knew that it is such a step by step process to cook a little turkey! Ah all I can say is PROPS to all of the moms out there who cook Thanksgiving dinners every year - its tough stuff! 

It ended up going so well though(: We had about 20 people from the branch show up - and we all did this awesome tradition that my family does where we pass out 3 popcorn kernels and everyone says 3 things that they are thankful for(: They LOVED it! At first they all thought that they were seeds and that they were suppose to go and plant them - but when they got the point of our message - we were able to share the real meaning of Thanksgiving with them(: 

It was SO cool(: Totally changed my perspective. They said so many things like how they were grateful that they had food that night, that they had a job to pay rent, that they had enough money to buy a coat for this winter. Really humbling. And really incredible because EVERY single member there said how grateful they were for the opportunity to be a part of this church. Testimonies were burning bright(: And to top it all off.....THERE WAS SNOW!!!!! AH IT WAS SNOWING!! Let Winter begin!!!(: 

I love you guys!(: I hope you have a wonderful week of continuing gratitude and fun(:

Sora Armstrong

Did I totally set up the branch Christmas tree this week....YES!!!(:


The pumpkin I used for the pie. It wasn’t too bad. 

The pink house from my mom’s pink joke. 

The Branch President’s 5-year-old son and I. We’re tight. 

So. Hard! 

Did it snow this week….YES!!!

Totally not as good as mom’s cooking, but I tried!

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