Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Week!

We didn't end up going to Bacu - but its okay because we were able to have a "spooky" time this week(: ha #hanice

Ah, it was SO awesome! This week has been great - and we had a HUGE success with our branch Halloween party. Halloween does not exist at all in Romania - even though like one of the main characters FOR halloween is in this country! haha but its okay - because we were one of the few people who actually had a party for Halloween, so a lot of people came. We all prepared and did the very best we could to get out the word and make sure that everything was prepared - and when the night finally arrived - we had over 50 people who came! It was INCREDIBLE! Our last branch activity only had 2 people - and so we were so taken aback and so excited! We had people from the branch, investigators, people from our English classes, people who we met on the street - it was wonderful. There was costumes and candy and we did district bobbing for apples and we played the doughnut on a string game and made a pinyata - it was a blast(: People were there from India, Germany, Brazil, Moldova, Ukraine, America, Nigeria - and it was SO cool to see how everyone had such a great time together! 

It was extra cool because I got to spend most of the time that night talking to a man named Gabriel who is from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He speaks Portugese, English, Spanish, French, and German - but knows absolutely no Romanian haha. Super random that he was here in Romania - and then came to our little branches Halloween party - but hey it was awesome(: He was here to visit his friend named Diana - who is actually an English student in my advanced class so it worked out perfect! He had SO many questions - and I ended up spending most of the Halloween party sitting on the couch with him explaining the Book of Mormon and Restoration, and answering his questions about the plan of salvation, Joseph smith, who missionaries are, and other things. He heads back to Brazil later today...but after giving him a book of Mormon and getting his commitment to contact the missionaries there in Brazil  - it will all work out(: 

What was so interesting about it all though - is about how I kept getting the impression to tell him that what is so incredible about this church - is the Spirit. The feeling that we get that is all warm and happy and makes us feel all good inside. That the doctrine and the principles are important, YES! But so is how you feel. Thats how you know that its true. Its that warm, happy feeling that is telling you that its right. And not only that - but that SAME feeling is just a small portion of the everlasting and INFINITE love that God has for YOU. In Mormon, in the last chapter - there is a verse that says that God "hath prepared means" to guide us, to direct us, and to lead us - Its all through His Love! He loves us so much that he is NOT going to let any of us go. He will not falter, nor forget you, even when we feel we deserve it. Just remember to look to Him - and remember the moments when you have felt that Love - and remember WHY(: 

LOVE YOU ALL! Transfer Boards come out this week so I will know if I stay in Constanta or i'll let you know(:  

Sora Armstrong

(I had to be a vampire for Halloween...I mean like Romania and Halloween and Dracula are a must!)

(Gabriel visiting from Brazil). *See above.

(Our district's attempt at Halloween costumes)

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