Monday, November 23, 2015

"All It Takes is 10 Seconds of Insane Courage:" an Apostle Visits Romania

What a crazy, fun filled, stressful week haha(: but isn't that every week?(:

So, not too much happened before Thursday. I got to finally meet one of our investigators - who has been an investigator for 15 years....yep. Ah. It was so hard. We were planning on teaching her the restoration lesson, but she totally cut us off and turned on the TV because her program was on. AH so frustrating - haha the Elders were getting so mad. Our two elders are Elder Blaylock and Elder Seegmiller, and she invited them to come with us. Poor Elder Blaylock was just getting so frustrated, and poor Elder Seegmiller had no idea what was going on because this is his 2nd week in the country. I just grabbed the remote, turned it on mute, and was like, Édith, God needs you on His team. And she was like "I am on your team! I'm just not baptized.' AHHHH. so we just said the closing prayer and left...she knows its true...that is what makes it so hard. She apparently has come to church like every week, and the only reason she wont be baptized is because she has orthodox priests in like her family history, I don't even know... ah. 

Anyways! On a lighter note(: Thursday morning around 5 we woke up to head to the airport to fly down to Bucharest to see Elder Ballard and Elder and Sister Kearon! They had a special meeting just for the was SO cool! Elder Ballard is hilarious haha - he totally knows whats up. He told us that we need to be 'the greatest generation of teachers in the history of the church..'' ah! SO COOL! #nopressure

Sadly, Sora Harper and I had to leave the meeting early because our plane home took off soon - so we didn't get to say goodbye to anyone (basically the entire mission was there) but, I DID get to shake his hand haha(: AH can i just tell was SO COOL!

Saturday we had sign ups for our free English class...and man is it SO different than Constanta. We had over 140 people come and sign up! That is going to be SO awesome! SO many people!

I also have to tell you guys...that I surly, without a doubt, know that Elder Ballard is a apostle of God. You could truly just feel the Spirit that radiated off of him. He told us all about how we need to "stretch" ourselves, push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, and be fearless(; One of my favorite quotes that he said was that '"all it takes is 10 seconds of insane courage to start a conversation that could change them, and you, for a lifetime." Sometimes sharing the gospel can be scary...but its worth it(: That's my challenge for you guys this week...push yourself to have that 10 seconds of insane courage - and I promise it will be more than worth it(: 

Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong

Romanian "4th of July" is coming up soon! All of this cool Romanian flag pride(:

One of our investigators seriously fed us SO much food haha...and her 25 year old daughter!

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