Monday, November 16, 2015

We Are Made Alive in Christ!

Wow Wow WOW!  Yes folks, I am now in the beautiful city of CLUJ NAPOCA! Ah it is SO different, but it is GORGEOUS here!
This week has been super interesting to say the least - but all is well! We took a flight here to Cluj on Tuesday, and immediately started to work. The branch here is SO BIG! About 40 people come to church every week apparently, but the branch list has over 200 names! 200! That is so crazy! It is my goal while I'm here to go and find all of these people and find out what on earth is going on haha.
But really though. The work seems to be so different here. We've only met with Less Actives this week, because Sora Harper (my new comp) says that this is the majority of the people here that we need to focus on. She is SO awesome by the way. So sweet, so kind! She's from Utah -haha hey - and she's been in Cluj for now 3 transfers, and is going into her 7th here in the mission.
Poor girl though, she got food poisoning BAD on friday night...around 11PM she was just so so sick, and kept throwing up all night and all day..I felt so bad. haha I was in the kitchen making homemade chicken noodle soup and I was feeling for all you moms out there haha
She wasn't feeling good until actually late last night, so we didn't get to go to church - but apparently the Elders told us that they just mainly talked about how Elder Ballard is coming on Wednesday and how important it is for us to go and be there and support him.
Isn't that SO cool? That an apostle is coming to ROMANIA! Haha of all places(: Its awesome! And his timing honestly couldn't be better. So many people are still freaking out over what happened with the club in Bucharest, and what happened in Paris recently just made people even more afraid and angry at the government...protests have been going on every night, and orthodox candles are constantly lit all over the communist statues..its been so crazy..there have actually been some places where we aren't even allowed to go because people are protesting in masks and things like that...however on a lighter note(: 

What I have found a lot of comfort in this past week is a scripture in 2 Nephi 25. A single phrase actually that caused a lot of refection and question about how I live, and how I can be better. The phrase, "We are made ALIVE in CHRIST."
Think about it...ponder it(: Think about what it means to you. The phrase actually goes on too...its verse 25(: I encourage you to look it up on your own(: Ask yourself if you're made alive in Christ, and how, and more important..why. I promise that you'll feel your relationship draw closer to your Father in Heaven and you'll feel incredible joy and peace, the more you strive to feel ALIVE in Christ, in this gospel(: its a different meaning for everyone, but thats what makes it special nonetheless(:
I sure love you guys - know that i am thinking, praying, and missing you all fiecare zi(:
Have a fantastic week!

Sora Armstrong 

(The view from my new apartment in Cluj) 

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