Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12 Days and Counting.....

Hello Hello Hello!

My oh my what a week it has been! A literal roller coaster of ups and downs. (I am so sorry about my spelling and grammar; its a mix of both typing too fast and getting English/Romanian mixed up in my head - hopefully a good sign right?(: ) 

Anyways... Some of the great things that happened this week as far as language goes... we learned how to say a lot of fun phrases...(: 
The first one..."Aaaaaaa" - means, "Wow!" haha(: (Be sure to say this one out loud - its truly fun and one of the easiest words to say haha)
Matei - Matthew
Mara - Mark 
Iona - Jonah (Sorry Mitch they don't have your name in the Scriptures haha(: )
Iacov - Means both JAMES and JACOB! hahaha we were so confused about this because in "Limba Romana" (Romanian language) you have to specify which book of scripture by PAGE NUMBER because if you said, "Turn to the book of Iacov...." they could turn to either James or Jacob." (: 

ALSO! Something fun for those summer days, look up the song, "Numa Numa" by O-zone. It is a CLASSIC 90s song that is 100% Romanian(; Let me know what you think!

So like I said earlier, to every up - there is a down. 

This previous Sunday, my companion Sora Padgett ended up having to go to the ER because of some severe stomach pains she was having. While she was checking in - I happened to see a lady (she was about early 30s) with a large bandage on the right side of her face - and saw that she was staring at me. We made eye contact, and she quickly asked me, "Are you a missionary?" Nodding my head, I walked over to this lady and she asked, "Can you pray for me?" When I asked her what I should or who I should pray for, she said her name was Misty and to just pray for her and her situation. 

As I said this prayer - I was impressed with things to say and things that I (at least hope) she needed to hear. The words that I said in that prayer were not my own and I can testify of that. Heavenly Father knew EXACTLY what Misty needed to hear - and what she needed to feel at that time. After the prayer we exchanged a quick hug and ended up getting called back with tears streaming down her face. 

Then luckily a few minutes after Sora Padgett saw a doctor and physicians assistant, she said she was feeling 100% better.

How amazing is that? I can testify that God can heal our hearts just as much as our physical selves. Maybe the reason we went to the ER that day wasn't just for Sora Padgett's stomach - in fact I know it wasn't. God is mindful of EACH of us and knows who we are, where we are, and who we can become.

We need to have COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE faith in Him and believe that we "..can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" That is my challenge to you this week(: I love you all! Chow!
(Classic District MTC Map Picture)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Buna Ziua!!(:

Hello friends and family!(: I hope that your week has been incredible and that your summer has been more than splendid. Eat snow cones and such for me okay?(:

This week has been great, and has flown by fairly quickly. The language is progressing slowly but surely, and each day is truly a new adventure. Its kinda cool to see the effects of the gift of tongues, because as frustrating as learning a new language can be - Heavenly Father understands that and gives you a piece of understanding step by step, day by day, according to your work. There have been lessons with our "investigators" where I have needed to think of a word, and after a few seconds, it suddenly comes to mind. It is the COOLEST thing ever because I KNOW that it is not me - it is the Spirit. 

ALSO: If I could describe one word or topic of the week, it would be.....OBEDIENCE.
In my district, there is 3 Elders, Sora Padgett (my companion) and I. It is pretty nice that it is just the 5 of us because it gives us more time to get to know each other, and more time to learn the language with the teacher. The very first day together, we all made a goal to do the best we can to be obedient, and to be the best missionaries that we could be. We all shared why we were out on missions, and why we wanted to achieve the goal that we have set. 

However, in our hall, there is about 25 other Elders and 20 other Sisters, all going to Italy. Some of those Elders and Sisters are SO obedient, but for the most part, usually there is always about 10 Elders and Sisters in the hall goofing off, eating food, etc.

Those Elders and Sisters always come into our room to grab us during language practice, but EVERYTIME, without fail, we all look at each other and tell them that maybe another time would be better. 

Let me tell you folks, the quote that says, "Obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles." Is 100% true. 

It is SO cool to see the Spirit help us during lessons, when I'm learning how to pluralize verbs in Romanian, or even when I'm saying a prayer. I know that if we focus and work hard and remember why it is that we came on a mission; we have the Spirit with us. 

Love you all, 

Sora Armstrong

(My district and the other Soras going to serve in Romania)

(MTC President Burgess, his wife, and I after a training meeting) 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Buna Ziua! MTC: Week #2

Hello!! My dearest friends and family! I hope you have all had incredible weeks! It is so crazy to think that I have only been here for two weeks..there are times when it seems like it has been two months instead. 

There are times when here at the MTC where it can be rough, but there are more moments where it is rewarding. The spirit is CONSTANTLY here. ALL. THE. TIME. How cool right? It is so amazing to be able to feel that peace and comfort all the time that the Spirit brings - it is a constant reassurance that what we are doing is what God wants us to be doing at this point in our lives. 

The spiritual highlight of my week was something that I had not expected. On Sunday nights we are allowed to go and see a church movie in any of the buildings, so they usually have options like Legacy, Meet the Mormons, etc. But this week, they had the option of going to watch a previously recorded talk given from Elder Bednar called, "The Character of Christ." 

I had never heard a talk that was as powerful, meaningful, or spiritually confirming as this one. Elder Bednar went through certain stories in Christ's life and shared with us how ALL of us, can develop the character of Christ through His Atonement. He shared how Christ ALWAYS turned outward - He never put himself first. In the bible where it talks about how Christ washed the feet of the 12, there is a scripture that says that He KNEW that there were people there who would betray or disappoint him. Yet what did he do? He turned out. He served them - and not just that - He did so with the deepest love and sincerest heart. So I left that meeting with this question in mind, "How can I turn outward, and further develop MY relationship with Christ?  

Family and Friends, I have realized that the more we turn outwards, the less we focus on ourselves and what we want - THIS is when we draw closer to HIM! Because we are doing all we can do be LIKE Him! 

I have truly been struggling with this dear blessed Romanian Language, but after this talk, I have realized that the more I serve others and strive to have the Spirit with me, that is all I need. I can go teach the restoration lesson with an investigator and speak perfect Romanian, but if they don't feel the Spirit...then what is the point? 
Investigators invite missionaries back not for their perfect language skills, but for the Spirit that they felt when the missionaries were there. 

I can testify that this is true. This week I have been focusing on FIRST deepening the relationship and Spirit that I have with my Father in Heaven, and then SECOND focusing on the language. Heavenly Father has this cool trick where if there is truly something that the investigator needs to hear in Romanian, it will happen. The gift of tongues is REAL, the Spirit is REAL, and Eu stiu ca Isus Hristos este Salvatorul Nostu. Dumnezeu te iubeste. 

I love you all - and I hope you all have an incredible week!(:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Made It!!!

Buna Family and Friends!!!(:

Oh my goodness it is so surreal to actually be here at the MTC. It has been so incredible, tiring, and different, but all in a good way(:

I have a great companion whose name is Sora Padgett. She is 22, from Portland Oregon (Dad she talks about it all the time - it must have been a awesome place to serve your mission) and she truly has a deep desire to learn the language. Romanian is ROUGH. However, I can testify that the gift of tongues is REAL and it WORKS if you have faith. I can say a prayer, bear my testimony, and give a short its more than I knew a week ago. haha(: I've gotten pretty good at being able to understand what people are saying, its just harder for me to actually speak it due to all of the accents, dashes, and "pretty principles.My companion however is extremely good at speaking the language. She studied Russian before she came, and since Romanian is very close to Russian, it comes natural to her. Its been a huge lesson of humility this week for me because every time I think I say a word right like "iubestje" she tells me the right way to say it hahaha. 

So although the language has been rough, its been totally okay because the Spirit is SO strong here and my district is AWESOME. There are 3 Elders in my district, and me and Sora Padgett. Its kinda nice having just us 5 as a district because that means the teacher is more focused on us and we go faster/slower with the lessons. There is another district with 6 other Sisters going to Romania and Moldova, and they are all ROCKSTARS. Our branch with President Willis (super awesome) consists of all the romanians and then all of the missionaries going to the Rome and Milan Italy missions. After our first meeting as a branch, I was called to be a Sister-Training-Leader over the Zone, so basically I'm in charge of reporting how each and every one of the sisters are doing in our branch - italian and romanian. Super cool! 

Janice Kapp Perry also came on Sunday for the devotional, and she was an incredible speaker. She spoke about the power and Spirit that music can bring. It totally reminded me of the fireside that the Goldens helped with a few years/months ago, and how they said that for some people, music is key to softening hearts. I know that is true!! Music is something that invites the Spirit SO much. We always sing (or at least try to) hymns in Romanian before we start a lesson, and it is so cool to see the change in countenance and light in everyone's faces. It really helps set the tone for the mission, and for the lesson. 

So yesterday at the Tuesday night devotional, we were all sitting there getting super excited to see who would come and speak to us. Apparently last week Elder Holland came to speak (Yes I was SUPER sad that I missed him by less than 24 hours..) so we weren't expecting who came next. Then...D. Todd Christofferson walks in the room. HOW COOL RIGHT?? We all had no idea! Him and his wife gave incredible talks, and talked a lot about Elder Perry. However, Elder Christofferson said something that truly touched my heart. He talked a lot about quitting, feeling discouraged, not getting along with a companion, or not teaching with the Spirit. He gave the answer to these questions and feelings of inadequacy by answering with this statement, "Get outside yourself. Focus on others.and SERVE."

How cool right? He is absolutely 100% correct. The Savior spent all of His time teaching, serving, and loving others - we can at least TRY to do the same. 

Well I sure love you guys! Thank you so so much for all of the letters and emails! They are like GOLD here in the MTC. 

Have an incredible week!


Sora Armstrong