Monday, September 19, 2016

Hidden Gems: The Mansion of the Gypsy King!

Hey there family and friends(: 

Sorry for the super short email this week - not too much happened, but great things are in store this upcoming one(: 

My cute companion totally got the stomach flu pretty bad this week, so we were inside for a couple of days while she was recovering. And it was actually good because we were able to go through the area book and really try to find new people and older people who we could work with and teach ya know? We are really struggling with finding people right now, but we are hoping and praying that this week we will see miracles(: and new faces(: 

Other than that - we were able to go to one of the COOLEST castles today in Hunedoara!(: SO fun - I seriously cannot express how much I love this country and these people, they are truly just  hidden gems(: 

Have a great week(: sure love you all!

Sora Armstrong(: 

The Hunedoara Castle!(: 

THEE mansion of the GYPSY KING! We finally found it!! hahaha(:

long live the queen……

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What a week....castles in Brasov, reunited with my MTC group and a visit from President Uchtdorf!

Hey there Family and Friends(: 

This week has truly been a week full of miracles and full of amazing blessings!

It all started by us taking a awesome 6 hour train to Bucharest haha #yes and staying the night with two amazing Soras there - one of them being my old MTC companion Sora Padgett!(: I love her SO much, we have both grown and changed so much on the mission, and she is truly one of my dear, dear friends! It was so good to see her!

Then on Wednesday morning - we all gathered at the chapel in Bucharest and got to hear from President Uchtdort and President Kearon and shake their hands. It was an experience I will never forget! President Uchtdorf was SO kind, and truly took his time to talk to each and everyone of us, as where we were from, etc. You could just totally feel his sincere love for each and every one of us ya know?

They both shared amazing messages about how we need to share the importance that we are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father - that this is a message of LOVE that this world has a need of hearing. It was amazing to hear the inspired council that was given for us missionaries to hasten the work here in Romania. He told us to study, study, and study Preach my Gospel always (as missionaries and back home), and that throughout the rest of our lives we should read the Joseph Smith History at least once a month. 

He told us the importance of sharing our talents, and he told us again and again how much we are loved<3 He made many references to airplanes, shared his wifes conversion story, and bore testimony again and again of the prophets sincere love for the members of the church. 

Probably my favorite part though of everything that he said was that if we ever get discouraged - that we need to remember that there are SO many prayers that are being offered on our behalf. That the members all across the world and in many temples are praying for us to have success in the Lords work. He said that when factoring in all the time zones - we are literally being prayed for 24/7...what a huge blessing is that??? 

It was such a powerful realization to me about the power and love that comes with prayer - I truly cannot even describe how much those prayers mean to me, how much I have felt them change me and change this work here. 

After hearing from them - we took a bus up to Brasov to see the beautiful castle Peles, and then we took the bus to another castle to have dinner - it was BEAUTIFUL! and SO good to see everyone and just have a great time(: 

The next day we had a great devotional by a member of the 70 named Elder Boom - He is a ROCKSTAR! It was SO cool to hear from him and his wife - they had many great ideas of how we can find more people here - to help the church grow. 

It was such a great conference - and such a great week! one that truly had such an impact on me and on my testimony(: 

I sure love you all -and I hope that you'll all have a fantastic week,

Sora Armstrong(: 

Me and my cute companion!!(: 

The castle Peles!!(

Most of the Soras in the Mission(: 

Sora Chandler and I!(:

MTC group reunited!!(: Over a year later!

Monday, September 5, 2016

President Uchtdorf Week!! #Blessed

Hey there family and friends!(: 

This is going to be a little bit short - because this week we are having our big mission conference, and MLC on WednesdayThursday, and Friday(:

We will be taking a 6 hour train Tuesday afternoon, and then we'll get to have a little mini conference with President Uchtdorf Wednesday morning with President Kearon as well(: SO excited for that! Then we will be driving to Brasov, and we'll stay there till Thursday - and then we'll have MLC on Friday in Bucharest! haha YES!(: 

Today we will have a broadcast from President Uchtodrf in Bucharest, hopefully lots of people will come to that, we have really been pushing for that here in Sibiu!

Sibiu is SO little and SO cute! haha I am constantly in awe that its so just, quiet here haha(: 

The branch here is pretty small - there were about 7 members in church yesterday, which is apparently a pretty good record. 

Sibiu is awesome because there is apparently big big festivals every weekend here in the main square - which is perfect for contacting. We dont have too many people here that we are working with at the moment - but we are going to do our best to change that and just work super hard at talking to people and finding people. 

I hope that you all have a great week - thanks for all that you do!

Sora Armstrong(: 

My cute new comp(: Sora Chandler from California

Carson and I with the best ice cream ever haha(: 

Sora Lepure and I(: Love her!

Herecleea and I(: I helped her with English and she attempted to teach me Hungarian haha #bless

I learned how to play chess!!! 

Goodbye Cluj......Hello SIBIU!

Hey there Family and Friends!(: 

This week was amazing - Sora Green and I worked SO hard and had a blast!(: She is seriously one of my favorite people ever - definitely one of my best friends out here for sure(: 

We were able to meet with SO many people, basically as many as we could in the 4 days that we had together. We kinda got a late start on Monday because Sora Strader missed her plane, but we were out the door early Tuesday morning seeing around 6-7 people a day all around the city. It was CRAZY haha(: But it was so so good. She is going to do a great job there these next few weeks - I truly wouldn't have wanted to leave Cluj and these people with anyone else!

Speaking of leaving Cluj...I am now in the amazing, BEAUTIFUL city of SIBIU!!!(: haha SO cool right?(: I mean like - I've only been here for like 12 hours but from what I have seen and heard, I am truly so excited and happy to be here!(: The branch is pretty small here, but we are going to just start off these next few weeks just workin super hard and doin our best - and I am sure that we are going to see some miracles. 

Not gonna lie though - I truly feel like I left part of my heart over there in Cluj. It was SO hard saying goodbye to the friends that I made there and to the incredible branch. It has been such a blessing to be there for 10 months - to see their progression and to have gotten to know them in a personal, deeper way. But I am so excited to see what Sibiu has in store!

I hope that you all have an amazing week - and let me know if I can ever do anything for any of you. Next week President Uchdorf is coming! And Mission conference is going to be happening in Brasov which will be SO cool. So I will be sure to keep you all posted!(: 
Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong(: