Monday, July 25, 2016

My First 17 Course Meal - SO MUCH FOOD!

Hey there Family and Friends!(:
This week was a rollercoaster full of ups and downs - but it was a week full of the Spirit confirming and tesifying truths!
So we met with Angel twice this week - and the second visit was a little bit rough. He told us that he needed to talk to us, so we met up with him in a park and he told us how he couldn't go forward with his baptisimal date - and told us all of his concerns and all the things that are holding him back. It was kinda discouraging not going to lie..and honestly I was pretty sad. However, the more that I thought about it, and prayed about it - I realized how proud I was of him for saying something to us, and how he really truly wasn't ready because he wasn't willing to sacrafice and keep commitments. It was just hard I think because I love him so so much, and I want him to excel and take this step that I KNOW will bring him so much happiness, but he isn't willing to act and find that out for himself right now. But you know what it is totally okay(: And we are going to keep working with him and praying for him, so that hopefully, one day, he is ready to take that step!
A great highlight from this week was that we were able to meet with this older english student named Liliana - haha she is literally one of my favorite people ever! She really clicked super well with the Nelsons - and she invited us all over to her home that she had just remodeled. She isnt married, has no kids, and her sister passed away when she was she is all alone. When we got there - she told us that this was the first time she had allowed guests into her home in the past 5 years since her mother had passed away. And man it was so cool to see how much she opened up and just loved it. She prepared 17 different dishes for us to try - it was SO MUCH FOOD! hahaha We all just felt so so stuffed afterwards, but it was just how she showed her love - it was so cute! We explained what the Book of Mormon was - and invited her to church - and guess who came?(: AH MIRACLES!(: Honestly such a huge highlight of my week(:
I sure love you guys! This is the last week of the Nelsons mission, and we also have exchanges with the Arad sisters here, and zone it will be quite the week, but a great one(:
Love you guys!(:
Sora Armstrong

Dinner at Lilianas House...17 different dishes to try...SO much food!

Sora Stader (my new comp) and I - called as STLs in Cluj. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Tied Mission Record: Longest Time Spent in a City

Hey there family and friends!!(:

So....guess who is staying in CLUJ???(: hahahaha YES! Ten and a half months in literally my favorite city on earth(: #LESSGO I am SO excited to stay here for another transfer - literally tied with the mission record for longest time spent in a city haha(: But it will be good! I'll get to be here for Angel's baptism and I can't wait to see the other miracles that are in store for the amazing people and branch here in Cluj!

So I am now serving with Sora Strader - who I actually have been on exchanges with two times before this haha(: So pretty cool(: She is awesome! She is Ukrainian - and was adopted from there when she turned 13, and has lived in Utah ever since! She is seriously such a rockstar - always so ready to work and go go go!(: We are going to be STLs again here, so that also will be super fun(:

Things with Angel are progressing! And it has been great to see him so happy and so prepared! Be sure to keep him in your prayers - we are hoping that everything will go through!

It truly was SO hard to say goodbye to Sora Andrus - she was one of my best friends, and we just had a great time together! But I know that she will excel and do great things in the city of Ploiesti - and she will actually be serving with my MTC bud - Sora Cutler! Which will be great(: 

I hope that you all have had an amazing week!(: Keep me posted!

Love ya!

Sora Armstrong(:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Prayers are Working Miracles in Cluj

Hey there family and friends!(:
I hope that each of you had an amazing week - and that some cool exciting things happened haha(:
Here in Cluj there were miracles this week! ANGEL IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! hahahaha I've been like FREAKIN out all week long(: JULY 30th. YES! #rockstar! #hanice
I seriously am SO excited for him though!
So last week we had challenged him to fast about a decision - and he totally did and he LOVED it. Unfortunately he wasn't able to meet with us ALL week to talk about the date of the by Friday (when we met with him) it was too late kinda. HOWEVER. We decided to use one of President Ivory's ideas about proposing three baptismal dates for him to be able to set a goal, and then him choosing. Its kinda like if you're a parent and you set out two different outfits for them to choose - its the symbolizim of it ya know(:
So we pulled out a calendar and bore powerful powerful testimony about the purpose of setting a date - and the blessings that come from baptism. It was SO. COOL! We had laid out the 30th of July, and the 13th of August and the 27th of August - and it was so so interesting because satan literally put every excuse/doubt/insecurity in his mind....but once he agreed to pray about it and let us know the following tday, the air cleared and he just was smiling and smiling(: All the tension was gone it was awesome. I prayed SO much that night for him, and so so much all day....and then he finally came to english class the following day and us, the nelsons, and him all went in the back room, said a kneeling prayer, and he just had this HUGE grin(: hahahaha and he agreed to the 30th of July(: He wants the Nelsons to be there SO bad - and they are leaving the 2nd of August so it will be SO PERFECT! He KNOWS that its true - and I am SO proud of him for stepping up and acting!(:
So just be sure to keep him in your prayers - they really are working miracles here in Cluj!(:
I sure love you guys - and I hope you have a fabulous week!!!(:
Sora Armstrong

Me and the Amazing Sora Strader!

Had a great exchange with her (Sora Strader) in the wonderful city of Oradea(:

I. love. Sora. Andrus. (: 

Margareta made us Ciorba de Borta (Cow stomach soup....#round3) AND lamb all in the same week hahaha #tookind

Simi (the branch president's son) had a new Nerf gun that had "STRONGARM" on it - so he said he needed a picture with Sora "ARMSTRONG" hahaha(: Love him!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Declaring God's Love with Energy of Heart

Hey there family and friends!(:
This week went by super super fast! But things are going SO well - and people are progressing(:

So we challenged Margareta and Ioana to the date of July 8th - and they said that it was too fast because they are going out of town on vacation for the next 3 weeks but that they will continue to fast and pray about it all while they are gone, so still SUPER awesome!(: They are amazing, and SO happy, and I cannot wait to hear more about their progression later on(:
We were able to have Zone Conference here on Wednesday - and it was absolutely amazing! President Ivory gave a fantastic presentation about declaring Gods love for these people with all the energy of heart!(: It was amazing!

I feel like I was able to do that this last week when we met with Angel this past Friday evening. He told us how baptism was uncertain for him, and how he wanted to make sure he knew everything before he committed to taking that next step, and setting a date. However I remembered what we talked about Wednesday,about serving with all of our hearts - opening up our hearts to give them completely over to these people and to the Lord - and I just felt prompted to bear a powerful testimony about Gods love for him. About our love for him. About how much I have seen him progress in the 9 months that I have known him and that his Father in Heaven is SO proud of him. We committed him to fast with us on Sunday - and we called him last night to follow up and he will be giving us his answer today about the 16th of July. I know that if he accepts and acts on what he has FELT - as it says in Alma 9, then his faith will grow immensely and he will be an amazing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!(: I will be sure to keep you posted!
I sure love each and everyone of you guys - let me know if I can ever do anything for you!(: And have a great 4th of July!!!(:
Sora Armstrong!(:

Us making Salam de Biscuits with Margareta and Ioana!(:

LOVE them!