Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Literal and Spiritual Feast: It's a Win-Win!

Hey there family and friends!

It has been a great week, and we have been working hard and having a blast while doing missionary work here in Sibiu!(: 

We had an AMAZING lesson last night with one of our investigators - Claudia, and the senior couple, the browns. We had an amazing dinner at their house with her, and it turned into one of the most spiritual, unifying lessons that I have had on my mission thus far. We were able to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ - and the Spirit was so powerful. It was so great to have a Sunday meal together - it truly does just bring you like so much joy just to be together ya know? plus like good food? Then its a win-win(: I know that it made such a difference for Claudia as well. She is going to pray about setting a date this week - so we will keep you posted!

This week we are headed to CLUJ for zone conference! and I am SO STOKED to be headed back to my home city!!(: haha it will be great - I will be sure to let you know how it goes(: 

I hope that you have the best of weeks, and totally let me know if there is ever anything that I can do for you! Sure love you guys!

Sora Armstrong(:

Missionary Leadership Council in Bucharest

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Own "Fourth Floor - Last Door" Experience

Hey there Family and Friends!(:

What a crazy couple of weeks! First of all I am SO excited to say that I am staying here in the amazing city of SIBIU! It truly is SO gorgeous and I feel so blessed to be staying here with these amazing people.

We have been seeing so many different miracles this past week - and it has been so cool to see how obedience, diligence, and hard work have such an enormous connection and relation to each other ya know? My new companion (Sora Gubar) and I have been block knocking a lot this past week because it has been super cold here - and so that has been quite the adventure! You truly never know what lies behind each door ya know? haha. 

But for example, we met one of the COOLEST guys ever this past week who lived on the "Fourth Floor - at the Last Door" ( just like President Uchtdorfs last General Conference talk! #hanice) His name is "Ioan" and he is missing his right leg and lives by himself - but spends the whole day reading. So we gave him a book of Mormon and we are going to back to go see him tomorrow to see how he liked it! He said he would read so we'll see what ends up happening!

This week we are going to strive to set a baptismal date with a wonderful 22 year old girl named Claudia. She is amazing. She has attended church twice, has read several chapters in the book of Mormon (and highlighted many verses in specific colors according to how she felt) and just is so receptive to the love and peace of the Spirit. She would be such a positive influence for the branch and is just so full of light and joy! Super cool girl(: So be sure to keep her in your prayers!

Yesterday we had a super fun in the cool town of Sighisoara - which is the town where Vlad Dracul, the famous "Dracula" was born haha. We were so stoked to see his house and all that - and when we walked in..well. it wasn't what we expected hahaha - but got us all in the halloween type spirit(; haha

Sure love you guys! I hope that you have a great week - 

Sora Armstrong(:

Sora Gubar and I(:

Us with Eugen!(:

We went to Sighisoara this week for P-day(: an AMAZING cute little town where "dracula" was born haha(: 

Dracula was in Dracula's house hahaha(: so we took a selfie with him. 

Last Transfer - Staying in Sibiu

(Only received pictures this week! Alyssa is staying in Sibiu and has a new companion from the Ukraine).

A Romanian cemetery

Us with Eugen(: a member from the branch here

The mountains of Sibiu have SNOW!!!(: 

We all ordered the largest pizza in Sibiu - it was awesome (: #hanice

One of the largest Orthodox churches here(:

Eugen is a UTE fan - heck yes!!(: hahaha - the conversion continues(; hehe jk

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big Companionship Goals - 100 people in One Week!

Hey there!(: 

Sorry for the super short email this week once again - but it was truly such a good week and I am so excited for this upcoming one!

The past few days we were in Bucharest for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) and it was amazing! We had a great time and we learned so so much about how to get the mission going with finding. Our mission received the challenge 2 years ago from President Kearon to be teaching 7 lessons a week per companionship, and finding 2 new investigators per week. We have been achieving the lessons goal, and have even reached 8 lessons a week per companionship - but we are still needing to work on finding new people. It was so cool because we talked about why that is so important, and it lead a lot to the subject of agency. That truly is such an amazing and special gift that is such an important part of Gods plan. 

So this upcoming week Sora Chandler and I are going to strive to talk to over 100 people together. AH!(: It will be awesome(: And we are going to try to not only just talk to them, but have a meaningful conversation with them. 

We are going to be showing the movie, meet the mormons this upcoming Saturday and we are on the mission to invite the ENTIRE city of Sibiu haha(: To come and hear about this!(: Its the last week of this transfer - and so we are going to try and give it all we got! I love Sora Chandler so so much and we have had an amazing past 5 weeks together -we have truly become such great friends and we have worked hard to push each other to be the best missionaries and people we can be. 

I sure love you guys! We will see if I will be staying here in Sibiu for my last transfer or not on Saturday - and I will be sure to let you know Monday! 

Have a great week!(: 

Sora Armstrong

Serving Up MIci Burgers at the Branch BBQ - Not a fan!

Hey there!(: 

This week was quite the week - full of all sorts of adventures here in Sibiu haha(: 

To start it all off we had a big huge branch BBQ on Saturday night which actually turned out really well! We had about 20 people there, including the 6 missionaries which is a pretty good record for Sibiu!(: 4 investigators came too which was awesome!(: The Relief Society made scripture bags #hanice and then the men were all downstairs cooking. They made some french fries and stuffed cheese mushrooms and Mici hamburgers. If you don't know what mici is - its like a Romanian sausage that is basically the meat AND parts of a pig, cow, and lamb all mixed together. nasty. So they made that meat into hamburgers haha it was so gross. but they all loved it. And to make things even more disgusting, after church yesterday there was extra mici from the night before, and we have no microwave, so for Priesthood they were all eating cold mici hamburgers haha #gross

So anyways! A lot of our lessons fell through this week unfortunately - but we were able to go contacting a lot which was pretty fun(: Sibiu is FINALLY getting some cold weather and so we are so excited to not be dying in the heat anymore haha(: 

This week I met a WAY cool family from New Zealand who are actually living in Brasov and came to Sibiu for a quick visit. They had the coolest accents ever!(: haha. But anyways - they were such open, happy, and bright people who just were so excited to hear more! It was so cool because after a week of just trying and trying - we finally found an amazing family! A tender mercy for sure(: 

Sure love you guys! Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong(: