Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What is Your Gift to the Savior this Year?

Friends and Family!!!(:
Can I just start off by saying how much I miss and love ALL of you! Ah, I hope that you are all getting SO excited for Christmas!!!(: Theres this SUPER cool video about it that you guys should watch if you get a chance(: or three..okay....there are actually 3 that I really really love:

A Savior is Born(:
He is the GIFT(:
What shall we GIVE(:
AH YES! Check them out if you get a chance(:
This week was great! There was a lot of lessons that didn't go though...but hey! Its okay!(:
Last Tuesday was Romania's National Holiday - so literally EVERYTHING was closed and the streets were EMPTY for like 2 days. I had such high hopes that something awesome and incredible would happen for the big day of Romania....but alas we missed the Parade that happened and basically everyone was inside to be with their families - so thats good I guess(:
YET! Later on that same Tuesday - we had our English class and seriously...we have these DEDICATED English students who come to every class - they. are. ROCKSTARS! Teaching English is seriously SO fun - but the questions they ask you seriously make you question if you even know English haha. "Why do we use future continuous when we could just use this verb instead?" or the verb that blows their minds is the verb "a face" which in English means to do and to make..but Romanians don't get the difference...ah we'll get there haha(:
It was actually one of the highlights for me this week - teaching English. All week long I had been thinking that we needed to come up with a really good spiritual thought to share for the Saturday class. Some things had been going on amongst (have no idea how to spell that word anymore) our branch and there was a lot of problems that came up, so Saturday morning arrived and I had nothing. Sora Harper and I decided to try and brainstorm what would be good for these students, and still...nothing. But it was really cool because we just decided on the idea to show last years christmas video (haha #2 above...check it out(; ) and then have everyone write down what their gift to the Savior will be this year - and then we would put it under the branch Christmas tree as a reminder for them.
So we tried this - and after our beginner class - I had so many people coming up to me, thanking me, and saying what a beautiful video and principle was shared. There was actually even a cute student named Corina who came up to me and asked if she could come to church the next day. WOW!
So I went home and I was thinking can this be?? We didn't really get any spiritual promptings or anything or confirmations that what we had planned would work or that we could receive any results - but yet - Heavenly Father provided a way.
Its cool because sometimes we are unsure about our choices right?
But! What I have seen time and time again out here on my mission, and looking back, this even happened before my mission, is that there will always be times where we need to trust God and act. Faith is a principle of ACTION and power right?(: haha. So, if we act and seek guidance - even though we might not receive an immediate answer - it will come. Whether it be we choose wrong or right.
I love you guys - keep getting excited for Christmas and serve everyone you can!(: Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong

Sora Harper (my companion) and I

I was freaking out because you can literally see the ENTIRE CITY!!! #socool (:

The GIANT cross on the top of Cluj is SO incredible! 

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