Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One of the Coldest Weeks....Calls for Milkshakes!

Hey there family and friends!(: 

It was such a great week and I hope that ya'll were able to have the same! 

Yesterday we were able to have a lesson with two of our most progressing investigators named Sebi and Ana. They are ROCKSTARS! SO classy(: haha and just so spiritually ready ya know? Sebi immediately began talking about the Book of Mormon, a few seconds after they came through the door haha - and said how he had read till the middle of Mosiah, but had started over because he wanted to highlight and underline things, as well as remember the history and genealogy of it all. He had cut up yellow post it notes to mark his favorite spots - and had underlined and wrote in ways that he could apply the messages and stories contained. SO awesome. 

We taught them the Restoration  - and it went really really well. When introducing prophets - we asked if they had a favorite one and Ana immediately said "Moses,} and Sebi sat and thought for a while and finally said...."Alma was a prophet, right?" I would have to say my favorite prophet is Alma" haha it was so great! We were  just like YESSS! haha 10 points to each of you(: Loved it! Such a great highlight of the week.

Also this week we were able to meet with our most progressing investigator at the moment named Angel,  the music student from Mexico. He is a rockstar!!! So talented and SO receptive to the Spirit. We were also able to teach him the Restoration this week - and he, as well as Sebi, said how he just felt complete, true peace. We are striving and fasting that we will be able to set a baptismal date with him sometime this week - so be sure to keep him in your prayers! 

On Wednesday there was a World Wide Missionary Training and it was awesome! My big take away was the fact that our first responsibility is to testify of Christ, when we don't know what to talk about, testify of Him! He is our message! 

I sure love each and every one of you guys - and hope that you have a great week(: 


Sora armstrong

Sora Wyatt and I - Guitar Skills! (:

We discovered how to make milkshakes hehehe. 
Tried it with blueberries, banana, strawberry and oreo. #hanice (: 

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Church Continues to Grow in Cluj!

Hey there family and friends!!(: 

We got a TON of snow dumped on us Saturday night and right now the whole city is covered in snow.  It is beautiful! (no more slipping this week) hehe(: 

We had a bit of an interesting week this week! We kicked it off with a doctors visit (always fun in Romania) to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for Sora Wyatt. Poor girl couldn't hear well at all due to a super bad ear infection that she had): Actually funny story though. There was this super weird creepy guy on the bus saying just full out weird, bizarre things to us, saying how Mormons come from another planet or something, and Sora Wyatt didn't hear it at all haha. Had no idea that the guy was even talking to us haha. So probably a good thing in that situation - but after the doctor and some medicine - she is doing a whole lot better and is hearing just fine(: 

We also visited a Less Active member named Viorica on Friday Evening. I was able to bring my guitar so we jammed out with her and sang some fun hymns with her(: It was so cute because she used to be a opera singer so she was singing really loud and told us how much she loved that we came to visit her because she is all alone. We told her that she could feel the spirit of the Hymns every Sunday at church and she could feel the friendship that is there. She says she misses that, but unfortunately we didn't see her at church this week! We are going to keep trying though!

We are also really excited right now about our friend Angel - a 26 year old music student from Mexico. He is smiling CONSTANTLY! Haha its awesome!!!(: We have met with him a few times this past week - and even found some Spanish pamphlets that we can give to him in future lessons. He is really wanting to practice English and so we have been working with him on that - but have really developed a strong bond with him talking about guitar, language, and the gospel. He's been to church twice now which is so great and has made fast friends with several of the members!  They all call him "Fratele Angel" already hehe(: So cute! And he wore his nice sunday shoes and vest to church! We were SO proud of him! haha love it! We are going to try and set a baptismal date with him this week which would be HUGE!(: There was only one baptism last year in the Cluj branch - but its super exciting cause we are close with about 4 people! The church is just continuing to grow and grow!(: 

I hope each and every one of you had a magnificent week - and that you are getting at least some of this fun snow haha(: I love and miss each one of you!

Sora Armstrong 

Cluj never ceases to amaze me!(: 

Cluj never ceases to amaze me!(: 

Me and the Romanian flags(: 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Stay Positive...and Don't Let the Little Things Get You Down!

Hey there family and friends!

This week was super crazy busy - but totally worth it(:

To start it all off...IT SNOWED!! AH FINALLY! I was SUPER excited and was just running around haha. It totally felt like Christmas all over again(:

This week we didn't let any snow or gypsies or anything hold us back - we had a TON of lessons and just worked really with all we had. But was so good and cool about it was that we worked super super hard, but we also had a TON of fun(:

For example it was like a full out blizzard so we headed out with our scarves and gear and we make it like 30 feet out the door when my bag totally breaks. Past the point of no return haha and it was only just the start. So we headed back home and got another bag and tried to start out again - but we both ended up falling down the stairs haha ah it was rough - but we just picked ourselves back up and kept heading out(:

We ended up having an awesome lesson with a less active that went really well about the Savior - but as we got up to leave - and started to walk down the hill to the bus stop - we totally slipped and fell again right after the Jehovahs witness'  church at the bottom of that hill got out of their weekday service. It was brilliant hahaha and of course they TOTALLY knew who we were so that made it even more of a sweet experience haha(: They just kept shouting "Mormonii" and shaking their heads - but Sora Wyatt and I were just laughing our heads off haha - it was so fun(:

So our day just kept going like this - slipping and falling and drunk people and gypsies and it was a day that was just...rough and discouraging. But what was super cool is that even though we both knew that it was a rough day, we did our best to have fun and turn it around into a positive thing(:

And it was so worth it(: Later that night we had a lesson with one of our main progressing investigators named Corina. AH SHE IS A ROCKSTAR! She is 25 and seriously is such a tender mercy! She has had 3 lessons with us this week and has read 41 pages in the Book of Mormon! ITS SO COOL! We had a super powerful, Spirit-filled lesson about how God has a plan for each and every one of us - and how we can receive inspiration and power and guidance through the Book of Mormon. We are going to try and set a baptismal date with her this week so be sure to keep her in your prayers as well.

Anyways - after this lesson Sora Wyatt and I were talking about how amazing that lesson went - and how important it really is to just stay positive and not let the little things get you down. I really truly think that if we had let the snow and all the things that had happened that day take a tole on us - we really wouldn't have been as positive or as strong in the lesson that we had with Corina that night.

So don't worry - be happy!(:  I sure love you guys! Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong

(Let It Snow!!!!) 

(A random pig leg in the street....#romania)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!!!!

Hey there Family and Friends!

It is thee new year!! New goals new changes new resolutions! Ah La Multi Ani!!(: haha I hope you had a rockin new years eve and that you have some sweet goals for this incredible year that awaits us!(: 

So yes yes yes - I have a new companion! I was super sad to say goodbye to Sora Harper - it was super fun to serve with her(: - but she is going to do great things in her new area I am sure of it!!(: My new comp is Sora Wyatt and she is a ROCKSTAR! Ah SO fun! haha(: We took a sleeper train down to Cluj on Tuesday night (we rode 1st class this time haha #fancy #jkSleeperTrainsAren'tClassy #thereWereCreeperGuysNextDoor #pepperspray) and we have been working SUPER hard since, and ALREADY we have been seeing a TON of miracles!(: 

So remember that one referral that we received a few weeks ago? Bob? yeah well he gave us the wrong address so we knocked on this poor families door and they only spoke hungarian and were super confused as to why we where there haha - so we tried to call Bob again - and he gave us the RIGHT address this time - but we decided to give him to the Elders instead haha just to be safe and so that we weren't alone with him. BUT GOOD NEWS!!  Things are going well with Bob (his real name is Mihai we found out....so he gave us the wrong name and address....yep.) haha and we ended up getting another referral for a girl named Laura...who is a ALL STAR! Seriously though!!(: 

Ah let me just tell you about Laura. She requested a book of mormon - so we went and found her cute little apartment - and she is the most adorable mom EVER! She has 3 kids and is divorced - and just totally invited us right in, fed us soup and bread and dessert and was just SO kind! She told us that she is on a "spiritual journey" I guess you could say, just trying to find out what is right - and that the only way you can tell what church is true is if you feel good in your heart. So she said that she will read the Book of Mormon and that if she feels good - we can go from there! Ah like SO cool! She just has a heart that is so prepared and is so ready...its SO exciting!(: Be sure to keep her in your prayers!(: 

I sure love ya!(: have a great week and know that I am thinking and praying for you guys tot timpul! 

Love you!!(:

Sora Armstrong

Us in Bucharest!!(: Sora Wyatt is in the middle (my new comp) and she actually was the trainer of one of my GOOD buds from my MTC group - Sora Kitchen(: #superstars

Ah me and Sora green!!(: LOVE HER!!!