Monday, November 9, 2015

Goodbye Constanta: Hello CLUJ - NAPOCA

WOW!! Ah this week has just been a roller-coaster. Such an incredible mix of ups and downs and lefts and backwards and AH!

This week was hands down one of the hardest, most bittersweet moments on my entire mission. I found out on Saturday that I was going to be transferred to a new city - and I was SO stoked but I was also SO sad to leave all of these incredible people that are here in Constanta. 

Saying goodbye to all of our branch on Sunday was one of the hardest things that I had ever done. I felt like a piece of my heart was with each of those 30 people - and I was just all the sudden...leaving. 

But its okay....after all of these goodbyes I am going to be saying a lot of new hellos, in the beautiful city of CLUJ - NAPOCA!!! AH!!! I am honestly SUPER stoked and I have an INCREDIBLE new companion named Sora Harper - who is going into her 7th transfer. We have a small district - 2 Elders and 2 Sisters (us) but we are going to do AMAZING things there - I can feel it(: 

We arrived into Bucharest this morning because Sora Koth will be training a new missionary in Constanta - and I am taking a plane to Cluj tomorrow with Sora Harper, so I will keep you posted on how it all goes down! #stoked

This week though....incredible things happened. We played the movie "Meet the Mormons" in a big huge hotel conference room where all of the Nigerian students live - and we got over 30 students who came. It was one of thee funnest nights EVER. They just are SO fun all the time haha - they always say "You are welcome" when you meet them, or they will tell you that "you are looking fine" haha(: Someday I will go to Nigeria - its on my bucket list for sure(: 

I also had to say goodbye to my Advanced English class students....ah. That was hard too. They all progressed super fast and super well - and I hope and pray everyday that they will begin to have that desire to learn more about why we are here and what this church is all about. But thats okay - everything will work out in its own time(: 

AH! Well I will let you know next week how the city of Cluj is - but until then...for those of you who were attempting with me to read the Book of Mormon in 84 days...YOU MADE IT(: And now I have a new challenge for you...ready?(: To start again(: It will continue to change and bless your life I promise and testify of this.

I love you guys! 

Sora Armstrong

LIVIU!!!! Ah He is the best(: This was the hardest goodbye ever.

Last time together as a district....super classy in front of the China Mall #toogood

Tibi made a cake for all of the missionaries that are leaving was SO good(: 

One day - I'll be in Nigeria(: 

Me and Eva Constantinescu

Me and part of the Oltianu fam(:

Me, Mercy, and my NIGERIAN shirt(: #hanice

Lacra and I(: 

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