Monday, May 30, 2016

These Final Six Months Are Going to Fly By....

Hey there family and friends!(:

First thing.....DID I TOTALLY HIT MY YEAR MARK???? AH, I honestly was like freaking out haha - so crazy. Time just flies by ya know? Each day seems so long usually - but then you look back at your week and month and it is just all one long blur. I know that these next 6 months are going to FLY by - but it is just a huge testimony that you just gotta use all of the Lord's time that you have ya know?(: 

We were able to meet with Sebi this week which was amazing. We had a powerful lesson with him and with Elder K Nelson. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and he completely understood. He brought up some of his own personal struggles - the main one being coffee. He said he smokes once in a while, but that its more of a fitting- in kind of thing. We talked about all the blessings that will come from being obedient - not only for him, but how also he will set a huge example to his family as well. He loved the conference in Oradea - and really felt the power of President Ivory's message, Sora Ivory's, and Elder Obando's. It was incredible to see him testify how he has truly felt like something was missing from his life and heart because he hasn't been at church these past 2 weeks. He wants to get baptized, but said that he is getting a little bit of resistance from his ex-wife in Timisoara. But I know that he will be able to overcome that and set a date for baptism soon(:

Thank you so much for all you do - I sure love you guys!

Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong

Some pics from last week in Oradea(: haha

We taught our English class what a "bucket list" is haha(:

My family got to visit with Sora Wyatt at her mission homecoming. 

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