Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm Not Only Staying in Cluj....I'm Going to Train!!!

Hey there family and friends!!!(:

What. A week!!!!(:

This was honestly one of the best weeks that I have EVER had in my entire life - so many amazing miracles and tender mercies!

Oh my goodness where to even begin...#allthethings... okay. So April 22nd, we were all in a lesson with Angel, one of our most progressing investigators from Mexico who is a guitar student here. We had a spectacular dinner at the Nelsons home, and right when we were about to begin our lesson, Elder K Nelson receives a call from President Ivory...AH! (keep in mind this is the day before transfer boards so like Sora Falkenberg and I are freakin out) And then all the sudden, Elder Nelson tells me that president Ivory wants to talk to me.......AHHH (freakin out even more.) So I get on the phone with President, and he tells me that I am going to stay in Cluj, and that I AM GOING TO TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I like FREAKED out, immediately all the tears and the excitement and nervousness and like ahhhh. And then Sora Falkenberg was told that she was going to go be an STL in the beautiful city of Oradea! Ah she is going to ROCK it there! haha but like it was so crazy, just all the emotions and things and all RIGHT before we were about to teach a lesson hahaha - #hanice (but it went SO well so thats way good) (: I GET TO STAY IN CLUJ!!!!!(: I'll get to be here for 9 months of my mission!!!!(: 

So then on Monday I was headed to Bucharest for 3 days of Trainer meetings! They were so SO inspired and we just got so pumped up to get our new bobocs(: (its what we all call the new missionaries here, it means "baby duck" in Romanian(: ) 

So after some rockin days of training - and just getting super geared and ready to go - we got paired with our amazing new missionaries, and I received the amazing and wonderful SORA ANDRUS! FROM MY HOME TOWN OF HIGHLAND UTAH!!!(: How cool huh?(: She went to Lone Peak, is the oldest of kids and is a PRO at tennis AND Romanian!!(: I seriously love her so much and I am looking forward to serving with her these next 3 months SO much!!(:

We started off our week by taking a sleeper train back (#yesss) and then getting ready for Felicia's Baptism! It was SO SO GOOD!!!! She was so happy and just like so prepared and ready to go. She was 2 hours early, brought a TON of food, and then stayed a 1 and a half after to help clean up. She was just GLOWING, and like when she bore her testimony afterwards, she said how she just felt so easy and light - how she had been searching for this for years and how she found the perfect love and light of Christ in this church!!(: I sure love her!

I also just like LOVE YOU GUYS like SO much!! Thank you so much for all of your support and all that you do!

Have a great week!!(:

Sora Armstrong 

Reunited at Chismaju(: Right before Sora Wyatt went home!

Sora Brinkman was my comp for a few days in Buc - she is a contacting/Easter video showing PRO!

Us and the boboacas!(: When they first came into the country!

Sora Falkenberg came up for Felicia's Baptism!(: It was SO fun to all be together again - and to see Felicia so happy immediately as she came out of the water(:

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