Monday, June 6, 2016

Chocolate Cake and the Restoration

Hey there Family and Friends!

This week was super super fast! Things are going well - and people are progressing(:It was transfer boards on Saturday and we are all staying the same, except Elder Bateman is going home, and we are getting Elder Newlin(: 

We got to go to Oradea this past week on an exchange - and I got to spend 24 hours with the incredible Sora Falkenberg! I missed her - and I truly truly LOVE her. It was hilarious because it just totally felt like we were back together again in Cluj haha, we kept joking that next transfer we'll serve together again haha(: I love that girl - truly one of my great friends out here on the mission. 

Also this week we saw a giant miracle from our English classes. I remembered when I taught Gospel Doctrine at BYU, and how I did an object lesson with a giant Costco chocolate cake - about how our message is so good to share that we want everyone to have a piece of that cake or gospel. So this week (with the help of Sora Nelson's amazing cooking(: ) we made some delicious cake, and related it to how we LOVE teaching English, and we LOVE the people here, and we want to share this amazing chocolate cinnamon cake with them - but we left behind our families and friends for the chance to come to Romania to share the message of the Restored Gospel that will bring positive change and growth into these peoples lives. We invited them to write down their phone number on a piece of paper if they would be interested in our message, and we received 9 numbers out of our 11 total english students! We are going to follow up with them all this week and I truly cannot wait to see what amazing impact the power of the Restoration will have in their lives. 

You are all amazing - 

Have a great week(:

Sora Armstrong


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