Monday, December 14, 2015

My First Referral!

So this week we got our FIRST REFERRAL! Ah I was FREAKING out! haha we got a email saying that a man named "bob" requested some english pamphlets from the christmas website! Super random, and super random we are kinda excited/nervous about the whole situation but we are going to go and see him sometime this week. Hopefully its a real person haha(:

We also had a SUPER cool experience this week with a less active! The branch list here is SO big - with over 200 names on the list apparently, but only 40 of them come to church every we set a goal to FIND these people, and bring them BACK to the branch! So how did we do this you ask?? Sugar cookies. Lots and lots and lots of sugar cookies. 

And it worked(: haha #hanice(:

There is a less active named Elena who apparently hadn't been visited by missionaries in years so we decided that we needed to try to go and see her. Sora Harper said that she had been trying to contact and set up a visit with Elena, but that she had always resisted and said that she never had time. But we were up for the challenge(; We called her up and she asked what we wanted, and we told her that we had a present for her for Christmas - and that we just wanted to come and drop it off super fast. She paused for like 30 seconds on the phone...and finally agreed. 

We hung up the phone triumphantly and were filled with the Spirit of victory when we quickly realized that we had NO idea where she lived. We were too scared to call her back cause we didn't want to give her the chance to change her mind...'so we headed out with nothing but a big plate of decorated trees and bell cookies and a single street name that Sora Harper had. 

And let me tell ya - it was one of THEE coolest experiences ever. We had absolutely NO clue where we were going, but we took the bus to that street, and then started to look at all of the apartments. These apartments all had the last names of the people who lived in each apartment - but it literally stretched for miles. And it was freezing and SO dark.

So we headed out, and apartment after apartment..nothing. So we had the feeling to cross the street - and literally in front of THAT APARTMENT we totally found her name!! Like..HOW COOL!(: haha. It was awesome! We ended up visiting her - and she just had the softest, kindest heart. She had gone to the store to get cookies for us and soda, and ended up giving us each a jar of homemade peach jam before we left! We are scheduled to come and see her this coming week again - it was such a big step for her and we are SO proud of her!!(: Like really though!

It was super cool to have that experience of not only visiting her - but having to have complete trust in Heavenly Father that He would direct us where to go. Kinda like life huh?(; sometimes we are literally and physically lost - having no idea how to get to a certain destination. But sometimes we are lost in other ways - not knowing how to help a loved one or what to major in with school. But family and friends. It is my testimony and promise to you that God helps, leads, guides, and directs us with ALL things! Whenever we look to Him and ask for his direction - I promise that he will lead you and show you the steps of where you need to go.

I sure love you guys! 12 days till Christmas!!(: AH!! Have a great week!!

Sora Armstrong

Romanian food and 7 year old bonding

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