Monday, December 28, 2015


Family and Friends!!

Ah I hope that ya'll had the most incredible week ever - and that you had a blast with all of the snow and the food and spending time with family!(: It truly is one of the best times of the year isn't it?(: No matter where you are in the world(:

This week was fun and honestly one of the most humbling weeks on my mission thus far - we were able to go and visit many less actives and investigators that we have that were going to be alone for Christmas - and you could tell how hard that it was going to be on them. We actually went and visited an investigator that we have named Edith, on Christmas. She's been an investigator for many many years now - but has recently gone through a lot of hard family trials. We showed up on her doorstep Christmas morning with my guitar and cozonac - and we sang a Hungarian song that we'd learned for her. haha we don't speak ANY Hungarian - and it is TOTALLY opposite from Romanian, but we honestly wanted to do something special to her, and what better way or time to do it than Christmas?(: It was incredible to see how a such a simple act, on such a special day, can mean the world to someone. Truly one of the highlights of my week and mission for sure.

Along with this week we got invited over to MANY members houses to try the classic Christmas Romanian dish of Sarmale. Oh it is SO good. Like really though. Call me when I get back home and we can make some - you all have to try it! Its basically a pickled cabbage leaf with pork, rice, and other things wrapped inside. Its kinda cool cause every Romanian makes it in their own "way' or style haha(: So we had pork fed to us, turkey, pork and chicken, pork, and tried vegetarian yesterday. I'm basically all "sarmaled"out haha(: But still SUPER good none the less!

Its also hilarious because here in Romania - so many things are done differently for Christmas. For example, they all get live Christmas trees here - but they don't get them till 1 or 2 days before the actual day of Christmas....why? I have no idea haha but it happens(:

Another tradition they do is that they LOVE, I mean absolutely LOVE to carol. Like its tradition. However it takes on a different approach here haha. When you hear carolers outside your door - you are like "required" - that is, if you choose to open the door - to give them money or invite them in for some soup or sarmale that you have prepared haha. So basically halloween, but instead of a "trick or treat" you offer a "silent night" or something. What is too funny is that they actually have a Romanian christmas song called "Deschide Usa, Crestine" which means "Open the Door, Cristian" hahahaha so you hear that EVERYWHERE because they just want everyone to open the door so they can get some money or extra presents for Christmas(: The gypsies here especially love that song haha its hilarious - but hey the people here love it! Christmas spirit right?(:

Ah anyways - I truly truly hope that you were all able to have an amazing, incredible Christmas!(: And I wish you the best start of 2016!!(: Don't ever lose that Christmas Spirit or lose the reason of why we even celebrate Christmas - lets remember the Savior all year long(:

Love you guys!

Sora Armstrong

I was mesmerized by the lights haha(:

Me and my cute friend Elisa

Merry Christmas! Skyping with my family on Christmas morning. 

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