Monday, December 21, 2015

Craciun Fericit! (5 Days Until Christmas)


Ah I am honestly SO excited!!!(: And I wish you all the very best Christmas!(: With lots of good food and family time and hopefully lots and lots of snow!(: 

This week was SO good - we were able to be in Bucharest to hear from Elder Dyches, I got to ride my first ever sleeper train, I was able to go on a exchange with thee AMAZING Sora Moon, we got to explore the depths of a deep salt mine, and I was able to meet a lot of our investigators for the first time(: It was SO good you guys! Ah I can't even tell you. 

Honestly probably one of the highlights was the sleeper train(: I had absolutely NO idea what to expect...and so when we pulled up to the train station - I was SO excited because it looked EXACTLY like the Polar Express. Like I was pumped haha(: 

The hallways were so classy and my heart and soul was just filled with childhood Christmas excitement for what our adventure had in store(: Then we got to our room. haha ah. There was 4 of us Soras - Sora Harper and I and the 2 STLs - and there were 4 beds all in this little 6 ft wide 7 ft high room haha - it was actually very impressive(: We made it work and it was SO cool just to like, well, SLEEP on a TRAIN! In a BED! haha it was cool(: I felt like I was in a real life Harry Potter movie or something.

In Bucharest we were able to hear from President and Sora Ivory, as well as Elder Dyches and it was AMAZING! Super cool and the Spirit there was incredible. They gave us a lot of advice about what we could all work on and how we can take what we have learned on our mission - and apply it when we go home(: The main message was about goal setting - how if we have a vision and then set goals in everything we do, we will see success(:

Ah you guys are amazing and I truly wish you the best Christmas Ever!!(: I love you and I am so incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you!

Have a great week!(: Craciun Fericit!(:

Sora Armstrong

(The "Family Tree" we sent to Sora Armstrong)

I like freaked out cause this was the most "Temple Square" look-a-like tree in the whole city haha(:


All the fun, little Romanian shops!!! (:

We got to go inside a salt mine last Monday - it like was AWESOME! 

Merry Christmas from Romania!!! 

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