Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!!!!

Hey there Family and Friends!

It is thee new year!! New goals new changes new resolutions! Ah La Multi Ani!!(: haha I hope you had a rockin new years eve and that you have some sweet goals for this incredible year that awaits us!(: 

So yes yes yes - I have a new companion! I was super sad to say goodbye to Sora Harper - it was super fun to serve with her(: - but she is going to do great things in her new area I am sure of it!!(: My new comp is Sora Wyatt and she is a ROCKSTAR! Ah SO fun! haha(: We took a sleeper train down to Cluj on Tuesday night (we rode 1st class this time haha #fancy #jkSleeperTrainsAren'tClassy #thereWereCreeperGuysNextDoor #pepperspray) and we have been working SUPER hard since, and ALREADY we have been seeing a TON of miracles!(: 

So remember that one referral that we received a few weeks ago? Bob? yeah well he gave us the wrong address so we knocked on this poor families door and they only spoke hungarian and were super confused as to why we where there haha - so we tried to call Bob again - and he gave us the RIGHT address this time - but we decided to give him to the Elders instead haha just to be safe and so that we weren't alone with him. BUT GOOD NEWS!!  Things are going well with Bob (his real name is Mihai we found he gave us the wrong name and address....yep.) haha and we ended up getting another referral for a girl named Laura...who is a ALL STAR! Seriously though!!(: 

Ah let me just tell you about Laura. She requested a book of mormon - so we went and found her cute little apartment - and she is the most adorable mom EVER! She has 3 kids and is divorced - and just totally invited us right in, fed us soup and bread and dessert and was just SO kind! She told us that she is on a "spiritual journey" I guess you could say, just trying to find out what is right - and that the only way you can tell what church is true is if you feel good in your heart. So she said that she will read the Book of Mormon and that if she feels good - we can go from there! Ah like SO cool! She just has a heart that is so prepared and is so ready...its SO exciting!(: Be sure to keep her in your prayers!(: 

I sure love ya!(: have a great week and know that I am thinking and praying for you guys tot timpul! 

Love you!!(:

Sora Armstrong

Us in Bucharest!!(: Sora Wyatt is in the middle (my new comp) and she actually was the trainer of one of my GOOD buds from my MTC group - Sora Kitchen(: #superstars

Ah me and Sora green!!(: LOVE HER!!!

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