Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Success is in the Progress!

Hey there Family and Friends!(: 

What a crazy week! So fun though - and totally just flew by!(:

So I got to head on back to CLUJ for a few days - ah it was so so awesome to see everyone and to see that amazing city!!! I tried to see Felicia but she didn't end up coming): But hopefully I will get to see her at district conference before I leave(: It was so surreal to be back - it truly is such a dear place in my heart! Will forever be a part of home for me(:  Zone Conference went really well and it was all about sharing our personal stories with people about why we came to be missionaries. It was just super powerful as we each went around and took 30 seconds to share the "why" of why we're here(: SO cool!

But this week here in Sibiu we have seen great miracles - we were able to meet with several members and we ended up having a amazing turnout at church on Sunday. Sora Gubar and I have been trying to help these members and recent converts strive to reach the next ordinance (so like the temple, priesthood, get a calling,etc) and we truly just want to help them progress. But it was so cool because this past week we sat down with 2 different members and made spiritual plans to help them go to the temple, and Cami (our recent convert from April) just received a calling yesterday to be in the Relief Society Presidency! We are so excited for this - and we know that as we continue working hard - we will know how to help them through the guidance of the Spirit to help them strengthen their testimony and the Sibiu branch. It was just so cool because often times as a missionary I think that you often measure your success by the number of baptisms you have - but in reality, you are sent to find people yes, but you are also sent to help and strengthen these members, less activies, and recent converts progress and "endure to the end" too ya know? Which is a big thing for this little branch haha(: 

We also had one of the coolest P-days ever yesterday with the Browns! We went up the mountain to go and see the famous transfagarasan freeway (look it up - its pretty cool) (: But like halfway up the mountain - we could not see ANYTHING out of Elder Browns car haha - it was just completely white. but we kept going in hopes that the storm would clear hahaha and nope. but it was awesome(: haha. SO we headed back down the mountain - saw all the amazing fall leaves (we literally experienced like 3 seasons all less than a hour haha) and then we headed to a cool Castle Fortress in a neighboring town. I literally am never ceased to be amazed about the amazing beauty of Romania! It truly is such a special country!

I hope that you guys had a great halloween - and that you'll have an amazing week(: 
sure love you all!

Sora Armstrong(: 

Gardening today with Mihai - he always gives us some awesome fruit afterwards haha(: 

Sora Brown, Sora Gubar and I at the fortress in Fagaras!(: 

We got to sit in the kings chair haha(:

Us at the Fortress(: 

We found some interesting things.

We love road trips hahaha

All of us on the top of the mountain(: 

Sora Green and I at Zone Conference!(: 

Our Halloween dinner(: 

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