Monday, November 7, 2016

Day of the Dead and Sibiu Basketball

Hey there family and friends!(:

It was a great week this past week!

We were able to go this week to a big Sibiu Basketball game to go and support one of the members in our little branch. He and his wife and 9 month year old daughter are from the United States, and are here in Romania for him to play basketball. He is WAY good! And guess what is even more cool - hahaha they are from AMERICAN FORK! Lol and guess where they went to High School? Yes! AF High! hahaha graduates of 2012!!(: Super cool - We are super glad to have Marcel and Paige here!

We also got the chance to go with one of our members to his new job which is at a traditional Romanian bakery and that was SUPER fun! They make like 165 little loaves of bread in like 20 minutes in this HUGE brick oven, it was literally the coolest thing ever haha(: 

We met a super cute girl this week named Paula who has been coming to our English classes for a little bit - and she always loved the little spiritual thoughts that we shared at the end with her. So we offered to meet with her later on - to help her with English and talk about the gospel more and all that good stuff, and so we met, and we started to work on English, and she just kept bringing up God and faith and we were like, "well awesome!" hahaha(: So we just went right into a lesson and shared that really powerful "Because of Him" video with her. She immediately started crying, and the Spirit was SO powerful! She opened up about how she doesn't feel any self-worth, but how she knows that God will help her when she tries to do what is right. It was seriously SUCH an amazing lesson as we were able to testify that she is a daughter of God, and that the lessons that we have can bring great hope and JOY! (I love that word(: ) So we will see how it goes this week when we teach her the Restoration! Keep her in your prayers(: 

Also - on November 1st its a Romanian holiday, the Day of the Dead, where they all go to the cemetery and light a ton of candles on their ancestors graves. So Sora Gubar and I went and checked that out and it was literally the COOLEST thing ever - just a TON of candles everywhere. I truly love this country - Romania will always have my heart(: 

I sure love you guys! I hope that you'll have a great week - let me know if I can ever do anything for you!

Sora Armstrong(: 

Traditional Romanian Brick Bakery

At the cemetary!

At the Sibiu vs. Pitesti basketball game

Our District on the "Ziua de Mortilor" the day of the dead haha

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