Saturday, October 8, 2016

Serving Up MIci Burgers at the Branch BBQ - Not a fan!

Hey there!(: 

This week was quite the week - full of all sorts of adventures here in Sibiu haha(: 

To start it all off we had a big huge branch BBQ on Saturday night which actually turned out really well! We had about 20 people there, including the 6 missionaries which is a pretty good record for Sibiu!(: 4 investigators came too which was awesome!(: The Relief Society made scripture bags #hanice and then the men were all downstairs cooking. They made some french fries and stuffed cheese mushrooms and Mici hamburgers. If you don't know what mici is - its like a Romanian sausage that is basically the meat AND parts of a pig, cow, and lamb all mixed together. nasty. So they made that meat into hamburgers haha it was so gross. but they all loved it. And to make things even more disgusting, after church yesterday there was extra mici from the night before, and we have no microwave, so for Priesthood they were all eating cold mici hamburgers haha #gross

So anyways! A lot of our lessons fell through this week unfortunately - but we were able to go contacting a lot which was pretty fun(: Sibiu is FINALLY getting some cold weather and so we are so excited to not be dying in the heat anymore haha(: 

This week I met a WAY cool family from New Zealand who are actually living in Brasov and came to Sibiu for a quick visit. They had the coolest accents ever!(: haha. But anyways - they were such open, happy, and bright people who just were so excited to hear more! It was so cool because after a week of just trying and trying - we finally found an amazing family! A tender mercy for sure(: 

Sure love you guys! Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong(: 

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