Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big Companionship Goals - 100 people in One Week!

Hey there!(: 

Sorry for the super short email this week once again - but it was truly such a good week and I am so excited for this upcoming one!

The past few days we were in Bucharest for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) and it was amazing! We had a great time and we learned so so much about how to get the mission going with finding. Our mission received the challenge 2 years ago from President Kearon to be teaching 7 lessons a week per companionship, and finding 2 new investigators per week. We have been achieving the lessons goal, and have even reached 8 lessons a week per companionship - but we are still needing to work on finding new people. It was so cool because we talked about why that is so important, and it lead a lot to the subject of agency. That truly is such an amazing and special gift that is such an important part of Gods plan. 

So this upcoming week Sora Chandler and I are going to strive to talk to over 100 people together. AH!(: It will be awesome(: And we are going to try to not only just talk to them, but have a meaningful conversation with them. 

We are going to be showing the movie, meet the mormons this upcoming Saturday and we are on the mission to invite the ENTIRE city of Sibiu haha(: To come and hear about this!(: Its the last week of this transfer - and so we are going to try and give it all we got! I love Sora Chandler so so much and we have had an amazing past 5 weeks together -we have truly become such great friends and we have worked hard to push each other to be the best missionaries and people we can be. 

I sure love you guys! We will see if I will be staying here in Sibiu for my last transfer or not on Saturday - and I will be sure to let you know Monday! 

Have a great week!(: 

Sora Armstrong

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