Monday, September 19, 2016

Hidden Gems: The Mansion of the Gypsy King!

Hey there family and friends(: 

Sorry for the super short email this week - not too much happened, but great things are in store this upcoming one(: 

My cute companion totally got the stomach flu pretty bad this week, so we were inside for a couple of days while she was recovering. And it was actually good because we were able to go through the area book and really try to find new people and older people who we could work with and teach ya know? We are really struggling with finding people right now, but we are hoping and praying that this week we will see miracles(: and new faces(: 

Other than that - we were able to go to one of the COOLEST castles today in Hunedoara!(: SO fun - I seriously cannot express how much I love this country and these people, they are truly just  hidden gems(: 

Have a great week(: sure love you all!

Sora Armstrong(: 

The Hunedoara Castle!(: 

THEE mansion of the GYPSY KING! We finally found it!! hahaha(:

long live the queen……

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