Monday, September 5, 2016

Goodbye Cluj......Hello SIBIU!

Hey there Family and Friends!(: 

This week was amazing - Sora Green and I worked SO hard and had a blast!(: She is seriously one of my favorite people ever - definitely one of my best friends out here for sure(: 

We were able to meet with SO many people, basically as many as we could in the 4 days that we had together. We kinda got a late start on Monday because Sora Strader missed her plane, but we were out the door early Tuesday morning seeing around 6-7 people a day all around the city. It was CRAZY haha(: But it was so so good. She is going to do a great job there these next few weeks - I truly wouldn't have wanted to leave Cluj and these people with anyone else!

Speaking of leaving Cluj...I am now in the amazing, BEAUTIFUL city of SIBIU!!!(: haha SO cool right?(: I mean like - I've only been here for like 12 hours but from what I have seen and heard, I am truly so excited and happy to be here!(: The branch is pretty small here, but we are going to just start off these next few weeks just workin super hard and doin our best - and I am sure that we are going to see some miracles. 

Not gonna lie though - I truly feel like I left part of my heart over there in Cluj. It was SO hard saying goodbye to the friends that I made there and to the incredible branch. It has been such a blessing to be there for 10 months - to see their progression and to have gotten to know them in a personal, deeper way. But I am so excited to see what Sibiu has in store!

I hope that you all have an amazing week - and let me know if I can ever do anything for any of you. Next week President Uchdorf is coming! And Mission conference is going to be happening in Brasov which will be SO cool. So I will be sure to keep you all posted!(: 
Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong(: 


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