Monday, September 5, 2016

President Uchtdorf Week!! #Blessed

Hey there family and friends!(: 

This is going to be a little bit short - because this week we are having our big mission conference, and MLC on WednesdayThursday, and Friday(:

We will be taking a 6 hour train Tuesday afternoon, and then we'll get to have a little mini conference with President Uchtdorf Wednesday morning with President Kearon as well(: SO excited for that! Then we will be driving to Brasov, and we'll stay there till Thursday - and then we'll have MLC on Friday in Bucharest! haha YES!(: 

Today we will have a broadcast from President Uchtodrf in Bucharest, hopefully lots of people will come to that, we have really been pushing for that here in Sibiu!

Sibiu is SO little and SO cute! haha I am constantly in awe that its so just, quiet here haha(: 

The branch here is pretty small - there were about 7 members in church yesterday, which is apparently a pretty good record. 

Sibiu is awesome because there is apparently big big festivals every weekend here in the main square - which is perfect for contacting. We dont have too many people here that we are working with at the moment - but we are going to do our best to change that and just work super hard at talking to people and finding people. 

I hope that you all have a great week - thanks for all that you do!

Sora Armstrong(: 

My cute new comp(: Sora Chandler from California

Carson and I with the best ice cream ever haha(: 

Sora Lepure and I(: Love her!

Herecleea and I(: I helped her with English and she attempted to teach me Hungarian haha #bless

I learned how to play chess!!! 

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