Monday, June 27, 2016

Sora Armstrong's Gift of the Magi

Hey there,
I hope that you guys have had a wonderful week - and that everything is going well(:
This week was great - we have been kickin things back into full gear and we are seeing so many miracles because of it(:
We are working with two wonderful women named Margareta, and Ioana. Margareta is around her 60s, and just has a heart of gold! She came to English class about a month ago, and invited us over for sarmale and things (literally so amazing) and we have been teaching her the missionary lessons. She is SO prepared and receptive to the gospel! We have thus far taught her the first three lessons, and this Friday we are going to invite her to set a baptismal date for July 8th. I am hoping and praying that she will feel the Spirit confirm those truths to her, and that she will accept(:
Then Ioana is her cute cute 13 year old grandaughter(: She has been meeting with us when we have met with her grandmother, and she is SO happy all the time, and is so mature. She just gets it ya know?(: We invited her to be baptized yesterday, but that kinda stressed her out because of her families Orthodox background, so we are hoping that her Grandma will kinda set the example and pave the way for her(:
We also didn't have the chance to meet with Sebi last week, so we are going to be challenging him to baptism this upcoming Tuesday, and we are challenging Angel again tonight! Be sure to keep them in your prayers!!(:
Also, Zone Conference is this coming wednesday here in Cluj - and we are SO excited! (Plus how cool would that be to have an interview with President Ivory and be like "SEBI AGREED LAST NIGHT TO BE BAPTIZED!!!" haha pretty sure we would both freak out(: We know that Sebi knows that this gospel is true, its just acting on that feeling that we are working on - so we will keep you posted(:
I sure love you guys!(:
(NOTE FROM ALYSSA'S MOM - She has been trying so hard for so long to grow out her hair. I cannot even begin to tell you what this act of service might have meant to her). Also! I cut my hair this week. AH. Felicia my Recent Convert has been looking for a job for months now, and has been in and out of little bakerys here that haven't been been the best. She used to cut hair in Italy, and she finally recieved a job interview at a little hair place here in Cluj, but she had to cut someones hair to prove that she knew how..... so she asked me. Honestly like, such a trial of faith hahahaha. But i love Felicia so darn much that I told her yes, although I was literally praying the entire time hahaha. And guess what, SHE GOT THE JOB!!!!(: Finally a job that she likes and pays her well - which is such a huge tender mercy!(: Sure love her(:
Have a great week you guys!(:
Sora Armstrong

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