Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Raining....MIRACLES!

Hello everyone! 

This week was great here in Cluj! Been thinking a extra lot about Corina this week because she left for her job in England...but things are all good and she is going to be meeting with the missionaries there so it will all work out(: Also found out that I will be staying here in Cluj for another 6 weeks with Sora Wyatt! Super rare - but we are SO pumped!!!:) Can't wait for what's in store! (Also hit my 8th month mark this week and FREAKED out haha) (:

We started off by going on a fun Exchange this week!  We got to go to a city here called Oradea! It is so beautiful there! I loved it! :) I was with Sora Brinkman for my exchange and she is just one of the nicest people ever. We had a couple lessons with some great investigators of theirs, had a great language study and  ate lunch at this really cute investigators house. The investigator used to be a chef so the food was SO good! We taught her about prophets and Jesus Christ's ministry on earth, and it was so SO cool to hear the experiences that she has had with the Savior and how she has seen what a blessing the atonement is in her life. its so personal and unique to everyone - its amazing(:

A fun adventure that we had this week was visiting a family from our branch--the Kiss family (pronounced keesh)--they live in a little town just outside of Cluj called Floresti. In order to get out there you have to take 1 bus to the end of the line and then wait for another bus that comes about twice every hour so it is a little bit of a process getting out there. As we were walking to the bus stop it started to rain pretty hard and by the time the 2nd bus had come we were pretty soaked haha but we were determined to visit them! We got to Floresti and got off the bus, it was still raining and they live pretty far from the stop so we were walking along the road tramping through the mud and the rain. When we finally got there I am pretty sure they didn't even recognize us at first but it was a great lesson. They have 3 little kids so we brought my guitar and we all sang I am a Child of God together. Honestly SO awesome(: 

Yesterday we had 6 investigators in church again! It was super cool! 2 of them were Sebi and Ana ( I talked about them earlier)- they are just rockstars. We love them. Edith also came, she has been investigating the church for about 11 years now. She is a great lady but her progress has sort of halted because she wont take that next step to baptism even though she comes to church more frequently than some of the members. 

We also had a really cool miracle, there is a family in the branch named the Militaru family and they have been investigating about as long as Edith has. The whole branch knows and loves this family because there was a time in the past where the whole family would come to church together. In our coordination meeting before church we talked about how we could help them all start coming to church again because they have not come as a family in a really long time. The father is against his wife and 16 year old daughter being baptized so it is a bit of a hard situation. After the meeting we went downstairs and the Sacrament meeting started as usual but half way through the 2nd hymn the Militaru family walked in the door! It was so cool! After church we set up to meet with them this week so we are REALLY excited about that. 

Our last friend in church yesterday was also a sort of a little miracle. A lady walked in during the announcements that we had never seen before. She looked a little lost but we talked to her, found out her name was Felicia and she had been living in Rome for 14 years where she found the missionaries, but has now moved back to Cluj! The missionaries in Italy gave her our address and so there she was. The crazy thing is she just got here on Friday and yet she took a break from busy moving to come to church. She stayed for the investigator's class and was making great comments! We are so pumped to start meeting with her this week! Just some amazing miracles this week for sure(: 

I sure love all of ya'll! And I hope you have an AMAZING week!(: 

Sora Armstrong

Last District Pic with Elder Blaylock! (Look how well coordinated we are - District Unity!)

SOAKING WET after the HUGE rainstorm. 

From the Branch Christmas dinner - just something fun to see. That's Sarmale! 

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