Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Valentine's Dinner.....Romanian Stomach Soup

Hey there Family and Friends!(:

This week was super awesome, a lot of crazy and exciting things, but a lot of amazing things as well!

To start it all off, we went and visited our dear investigator named Edith. She's in her 60's and has been investigating the church for over 11 years now, and is just this dear dear sweet woman haha. Seriously love her so much(: Anyways, we headed over there and she made us lunch, and usually its super incredible Romanian Food....but she made us a surprise. Romanian Stomach Soup. Yep. I wish I was kidding. My stomach did not like having another stomach in it  AT ALL haha. Bless her heart. These people here literally use EVERY part of the cow, which ya know, is great haha but man it was different.

Later on in the week we went to visit this cute member, and she fed us some awesome Romanian Food as well, including Fat Soup. Literally. Just imagine clear broth with 5 or 6 white ball/potato looking things of Cow and Pig fat. Yep...I"ll just leave it at that haha.

All food experiences aside, we met with some really amazing people. We were able to meet with this AMAZING new investigator named Felicia. She is originally from Romania, but moved to Italy for work for 14 years, and then recently came back here. She is so awesome you guys. She moved back to Romania on a Friday, and came to church that same Sunday! That was about two weeks ago, and hadn't been able to met until this past Saturday, but we were finally able to sit down with her and talk about how she is, where she is at, etc. We also got in touch with the sister missionaries who taught her in Italy! One of the sisters who taught her is Sorella Anderson, who was in the MTC with me and my group at the same time! It was such a tender mercy because I had already had her email, and so we were able to obtain her teaching record. Turns out she has been taught most of the lessons except for a few of the commandments, and apparently had a baptismal date in Italy. We cannot wait to discuss it with her, and see how we can continue to help her progress!(: SO PUMPED!!

We didn't get to see Angel this week, but we were able to meet with Sebi and Ana, with the Iepures present! The branch president and his wife! It was great to see them strengthen their friendship, and as we watched the Restoration with all 4 of them, they all participated and added really good comments, including Ana. It was a highlight for SURE!!!(:

I sure hope that you guys had a great week, and that you will have one in continuare!(: Sure Love and miss you all!!(: 

Sora Armstrong 

Sora Wyatt always takes random pictures of me.....ha ha..... then I take random photos of her...ha ha! 

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