Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One of the Coldest Weeks....Calls for Milkshakes!

Hey there family and friends!(: 

It was such a great week and I hope that ya'll were able to have the same! 

Yesterday we were able to have a lesson with two of our most progressing investigators named Sebi and Ana. They are ROCKSTARS! SO classy(: haha and just so spiritually ready ya know? Sebi immediately began talking about the Book of Mormon, a few seconds after they came through the door haha - and said how he had read till the middle of Mosiah, but had started over because he wanted to highlight and underline things, as well as remember the history and genealogy of it all. He had cut up yellow post it notes to mark his favorite spots - and had underlined and wrote in ways that he could apply the messages and stories contained. SO awesome. 

We taught them the Restoration  - and it went really really well. When introducing prophets - we asked if they had a favorite one and Ana immediately said "Moses,} and Sebi sat and thought for a while and finally said...."Alma was a prophet, right?" I would have to say my favorite prophet is Alma" haha it was so great! We were  just like YESSS! haha 10 points to each of you(: Loved it! Such a great highlight of the week.

Also this week we were able to meet with our most progressing investigator at the moment named Angel,  the music student from Mexico. He is a rockstar!!! So talented and SO receptive to the Spirit. We were also able to teach him the Restoration this week - and he, as well as Sebi, said how he just felt complete, true peace. We are striving and fasting that we will be able to set a baptismal date with him sometime this week - so be sure to keep him in your prayers! 

On Wednesday there was a World Wide Missionary Training and it was awesome! My big take away was the fact that our first responsibility is to testify of Christ, when we don't know what to talk about, testify of Him! He is our message! 

I sure love each and every one of you guys - and hope that you have a great week(: 


Sora armstrong

Sora Wyatt and I - Guitar Skills! (:

We discovered how to make milkshakes hehehe. 
Tried it with blueberries, banana, strawberry and oreo. #hanice (: 

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