Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So Many Sheep!!!

First off, a little bit of a downer, we couldn't meet with our investigators Sebi and Ana this week. They were also unable to come to church because Edward (Sebi's son)  made soccer finals so they were in Timisoara. haha he's a good dad(: BUT we were able to work super hard and meet with a lot of our other investigators which ended up working great(: 

We had the opportunity to meet with Angle a couple of times this week. He is SO awesome. Literally, amazes me every time we meet with him. We wanted to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week but he ended up having some questions about the restoration that we went over instead so that was great. He seems to have a really great understanding for the Restoration now and accepts it readily. He keeps asking questions and then being like "Í'm sorry  I have so many questions but this is all new information to me!" And we are like "no no no fire away!" But it is so cool because he just accepts it as truth because of the spirit he feels from it. So cool. He is just super great. haha yep #rockstar

We have also been working with a less active family here who is actually from America, the Sheilt family. The mom is married to a convert to the church named Jason who is Hilarious haha, they have 2 kids Cora (9) and Carson (5) who are super cute and seem to have been taught the gospel basics pretty well at home. It is cool because Sora Shielt is always open to us sharing a message with the kids and wants them to know good principles. We have been working hard to try to build trust with them because they are just such a wonderful family and yesterday we ended up being able to go on a cool adventure with them for our preparation day. We went out to the country side to this little village called Rimetea and had lunch and hiked to this SUPER cool old castle ruins in Coltesti. It was so incredible! Really felt just super Romanian haha, there were fields of sheep and goats everywhere, and people washing their plates and things in the stream, it was awesome(:

it really was just such an amazing week. I am SO grateful for Romania, and for the chance to be here with these people and in this beautiful culture and language - its been such a huge blessing and I am grateful for every minute!!(:

Have a great week you guys!(:

Sora Armstrong

Exploring a castle in Coltesti Romania

Jamming out to Romanian Primary Songs (Nephi's Courage) haha

Me and my bud Carson(:

All the sheeps!

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