Monday, January 18, 2016

The Church Continues to Grow in Cluj!

Hey there family and friends!!(: 

We got a TON of snow dumped on us Saturday night and right now the whole city is covered in snow.  It is beautiful! (no more slipping this week) hehe(: 

We had a bit of an interesting week this week! We kicked it off with a doctors visit (always fun in Romania) to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for Sora Wyatt. Poor girl couldn't hear well at all due to a super bad ear infection that she had): Actually funny story though. There was this super weird creepy guy on the bus saying just full out weird, bizarre things to us, saying how Mormons come from another planet or something, and Sora Wyatt didn't hear it at all haha. Had no idea that the guy was even talking to us haha. So probably a good thing in that situation - but after the doctor and some medicine - she is doing a whole lot better and is hearing just fine(: 

We also visited a Less Active member named Viorica on Friday Evening. I was able to bring my guitar so we jammed out with her and sang some fun hymns with her(: It was so cute because she used to be a opera singer so she was singing really loud and told us how much she loved that we came to visit her because she is all alone. We told her that she could feel the spirit of the Hymns every Sunday at church and she could feel the friendship that is there. She says she misses that, but unfortunately we didn't see her at church this week! We are going to keep trying though!

We are also really excited right now about our friend Angel - a 26 year old music student from Mexico. He is smiling CONSTANTLY! Haha its awesome!!!(: We have met with him a few times this past week - and even found some Spanish pamphlets that we can give to him in future lessons. He is really wanting to practice English and so we have been working with him on that - but have really developed a strong bond with him talking about guitar, language, and the gospel. He's been to church twice now which is so great and has made fast friends with several of the members!  They all call him "Fratele Angel" already hehe(: So cute! And he wore his nice sunday shoes and vest to church! We were SO proud of him! haha love it! We are going to try and set a baptismal date with him this week which would be HUGE!(: There was only one baptism last year in the Cluj branch - but its super exciting cause we are close with about 4 people! The church is just continuing to grow and grow!(: 

I hope each and every one of you had a magnificent week - and that you are getting at least some of this fun snow haha(: I love and miss each one of you!

Sora Armstrong 

Cluj never ceases to amaze me!(: 

Cluj never ceases to amaze me!(: 

Me and the Romanian flags(: 

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