Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy Transfer Week!

Family and Friends(:

First off...wasn't General Conference SO GOOD???? I all haha(: I would love to hear about ya'lls favorite parts!

So I have this INCREDIBLE new companion named Sora Koth - she is from Ohio and is going into her 9th transfer here. She has served in Lasi and then in Chisinau in Moldova and so she's a ROCKSTAR at Romanian. We also like all the same movies, foods, places, and we love being missionaries - so it has been hilarious to kinda compare to see our different teaching styles and what works for planning lessons and things like that. We are so similar but different; which is what makes it fun(: Sora Koth has such a deep love for missionary work, and is not afraid to have a good time and work hard which is AWESOME!(: I am SO excited to be having the opportunity to serve here with her!

This week was crazy - transfer week. 

I was in Bucharest for a long while - and to be honest I loved it there. Its a MASSIVE city and it was so cool to be able to see how the people and cities are so unique in the different parts of Romania. I was able to help out Sora Ivory and President Ivory with some things, take the Metro a couple places, go to a baptism in Mihai Bravu, greet the new four missionaries who came in, and help other missionaries out with getting to their trains and new cities. It was so exciting and so fun! But probably my favorite part of this entire week was getting to come back to Constanta - and watch general conference with some of our amazing members. 

My favorite part of conference was probably what Elder Uchtdorf said in the Saturday Morning Session of General Conference..."Exaltation is our Goal - Discipleship is our Journey"...I LOVED that. 

It was SUCH a problem getting general conference set up for our members because we have half Romanian and half English speakers - so it was quite the treat of translating and running around trying to fix it - but what was SO cool is that right when we got it fixed - the prophet came on to speak. I cannot even begin to describe that peace and relief that entered the room - it was amazing. 

I have such a huge testimony of the power and guidance of President Thomas S. Monson and his apostles. They are truly called of God, and they love us with the deepest, sincerest love. They need our prayers, and they need US(: I encourage you to read their talks - and I promise you that if you have that desire to know if they are truly called Prophets and Apostles of God - you will feel that confirmation. 

I love you all!(: And I hope you all have a splendid, incredible week! 

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