Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall in Romania...Block Knocking in the Rain!

Family and Friends(: 

Buna Ziua! Ah fall is finally upon us! It is AMAZING! I am SO pleased that this heat is finally starting to simmer down - and it has been incredible to take a small break from the humidity. It has been raining here like crazy - and don't get me wrong, I LOVE the rain - but the thing is...Romanians don't. They hide and they freak out because of "the current" and so they cancel on us and hide in their blocks haha. We had four lessons scheduled for Saturday and every single one of them fell through. But that's okay! We are optimistic haha - we are just going to corner all of these people in their blocks so that they don't have any where else to run away. "block knocking" is kinda sketchy its not really our favorite thing to do - but it has resulted in quite a few people coming to English class or us receiving a return appointment - so we are optimistic for the future(: 

Sora Koth is doing SO incredible here in Constanta - she is seriously a Rockstar and we have already seen so many miracles together! We are teaching this girl named Canan from Turkey - and its so strange because she doesn't speak ANY Romanian, just broken English and Turkish. We've had several lessons with her because she is returning to Turkey next week - but we were able to give her a turkish copy of the Book of Mormon and an English version. It has been SO different teaching Canan because not only is it in English, but it is in VERY simple English. Very very very slow, short sentences. It was really hard for us at first, and really hard to see if she understood - but that is when the Spirit comes in(: Canan is Muslim - and so she had NO clue who Jesus Christ was - or that God was even a Person, mi-ales our Father in Heaven. It has been So cool to really testify of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father - and of their love for Her and for each of us. It is SO special - and is what this entire gospel revolves around(: It was super special to watch Canan recognize the Spirit for the first time as "I feel good! I feel so happy! My arms and heart are tingly!" haha and then when she said her first prayer - so special. So incredible(: 

That was basically our week - but it was honestly one of the best(: Our English classes are continuing to grow - and it has been SO fun to teach the Advanced class. I have about the same four people who come every time bless their hearts haha - I have a 82 year old man who likes us to call him Presidentele Bush, a 86 year old man who always says that "we are shining," a 32 year old man who has been coming to English for 9 years and always says "Awesome Possum" to everything, and then a member named Lacra who is 16(: We are quite the diverse group - but we seriously have a BLAST everytime haha(: I seriously love this crew #dreamteam

I hope ya'll have an incredible week - and I seriously love each and everyone of you! 

Sora Armstrong 

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