Monday, October 19, 2015

Learning to Speak "Pigeon" in Romania

Buna Ziua(: 

My family and friends(: I hope that you have all had incredible weeks - and I cannot wait to hear all about them soon(: 

So first off - some super cool news! Elder Ballard is coming! To our mission!!! In like 4 weeks! He is going to do some big seminars and meetings - and I AM SO PUMPED! He is going to do a special one just for all the missionaries too - SO IM FREAKIN OUT(: haha it will be so exciting - I'll keep you posted(: 

This week was a really chill week - Sora Koth was pretty sick for like three days so we stayed home - and I attempted to make homemade curry and ice cream (both didn't work out) and I updated the area book a lot. haha so pretty fun stuff. 

We were able to go and have some lessons though which was good - they were all at a place called "Hotel Flora" which is a very 80's looking hotel along popular beach called "Mamaia" here in Constanta. It is also where over 300 college students from Nigeria live. THEY ARE SO COOL! We have a recent convert there - Mercy - who is a ROCKSTAR! Ah she is SO good! We had an incredible lesson with her about the 10 commandments and keeping the Sabbath Day holy - and it was so cool to see her perspective on things because she knows the bible SO well. She added a lot of insight and comments that were ON POINT - I was so proud of her!

She was also able to teach us some phrases in her native language - which is called "Pigeon" which is basically like simplified English haha, but it sounds SO different and SO cool. All the Nigerians speak it to each other - I literally feel like I'm back in college whenever I go to visit any of them. Just a super chill, relaxed, friendly atmosphere. 

About all of them know who the missionaries are - and a few transfers ago we just went around meeting a bunch of them to contact and get new investigators. So I know most of them - and you can totally tell if they recognize you because they will shout from clear down the hall "ARMSTRONG" haha its awesome.They are just such good, fun people ya know?(:  Here are some fun pigeon phrases for you: 

Aufano - Hello
How you do - How are you doing
I wan chop - I want food 
I do fine - I'm doing so good

Also this week we have been talking a lot about gratitude with a lot of our members and investigators. Its a super simple - yet powerful principle. Its super awesome that we have Thanksgiving to say what we are grateful for - but its also good to be grateful all year round(: And we end up being happier too. There is a super cool promise about that too in D&C 78:15 - I challenge you to read it and think about what you're grateful for this week(: 

I love you guys! Have a wonderful week(: 

Sora Armstrong

(Me and my cute companion, Sora Koth)

(Sunset in Constanta) 

(These hang on almost every, single door. The Orthodox priest comes to each house and blesses them. Then he leaves a crown of thorns outside their door). 

(What a gypsy front door looks like....)

(Sora Trebas and I took the phrase quite literally). 

(Sora Corina, a less active member, pulled out a surprise for me. She had a missionary name tag with "Sora Corina" on it. I told her that we needed to be companions sometime soon). 

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