Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Companion and My First Experience at a Romanian Hospital

Family and Friends(: 

I first off just want to say thank you for all of your prayers and support - not only for me but for all of the missionaries - they make more of a difference than you know(: Love you all!

This week has been a crazy fast one - and so many unexpected and crazy things have been happening with not a lot of time - including email time today haha. So I guess I'll just share my highlight of the week. 

I also found out that I will be staying here in Constanta for another transfer - but I will be serving with Sora Koth who has been serving up in Moldova for the past little while. She seems super incredible - and I am so excited for these next six weeks or more that we will get to share together(: 

So this past week - all four of the sisters here in Constanta have had the chance to go and serve a great investigator friend of ours named Grace from the Philippines. She however, was not in the best of circumstances. She has a giant tumor on the right side of her neck and its been there for quite some time - and her employer or boss (she nannies a little Romanian girl) didn't want to ever give her time off for Grace to get her surgery. Anyways there were a lot of complications and a lot of debate - but grace finally was checked into a hospital - but that hospital. I can't even describe it. To be honest it seemed like a mix of prison, World War 2, and a horror movie all combined into one. Needless to say I am SO grateful for the hospitals that we have back home - 

Anyways - Grace asked that we come visit her - and so while there in the hospital, we found her and found that she had two other roommates. We felt impressed to share our favorite book of mormon verses with her - and why they were important to us - and you could truly feel that spirit SO strong(: I then felt the slight impression that we should sing for her - and so after singing some primary songs and hymns - Grace just opened up and began to sob. She said that we were her only visitors - and that she was so terrified for the surgery that was the next day - and how she was so scared for the price and the sanitation - but how she felt just peace when we sang and when we read from "that book." 

It is so cool how that Spirit is so prominent - and how that light that comes from it can shine so bright and touch peoples hearts who you least expect it. The two roommates in graces room - both asked for "that book" - and we have an appointment with one of them next week(: 

That light - the light of the gospel - can change so many lives if we are worthy of it and if we have that desire to share it(: It can bring so might joy - happiness - and well, LIGHT(: Into peoples lives, and hearts(: So I challenge you this week to share some of your light - to find someone who really needs a friend - to reach out and serve - and before you know it - your light will touch someone who you least expect, but who needs it more than ever(: Heavenly Father totally knows his children - He knows you(: I promise(: And he loves you! 

And I do too(: haha have a great week!

Sora Armstrong 

(At the hospital with Grace) 

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