Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN (In the MTC....)

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!! The last week here at the MTC!!! Oh what a joyous mixed amount of emotions haha(: We received our flight plans, and we are apparently heading to New Jersey, then to Austria, and then to Romania(: HOW COOL IS THAT? Granted that we won't have much time to even see Austria or New Jersey - but now I will be able to say that I've been there haha(: 

I was also assigned travel leader - and found out a few days later that I have been on more plane rides than all 11 of us combined ha ha ha - some have never even been on a plane before so the 24+ hours of travel that we'll have will be kinda rough - but we'll all try to be positive about it!(: Cause the point is....WE ARE GOING TO ROMANIA IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!! Ah I'm freakin out!(: 

So this week was a fun one! We have all been eating in the gym instead of the cafeteria because the main building was closed for the new mission president seminar - where all of the Quorum of the 12 and 1st Presidency attended. THEY WERE ALL LITERALLY A WALL AWAY! So all week we were joking about plans to break in haha(: However, all jokes aside, it really was an amazingly cool experience and the Spirit throughout the MTC was extra strong! 

We didn't see any of them until when we were coming back from the temple walk on wouldn't let us cross the street. Then the next thing we see is a big black SUV pull out, with the window rolled down....and there is President Uchdorf! Smiling and waving as fast as he could ha ha ha #soawesome and then right behind the SUV - a silver Audi. Yes Yes, it was the prophet. The window was so hard to see through - but we all saw a small, short wave! I was FREAKIN out haha the prophet, yes THEE Thomas S Monson - WAVED TO US! #superawesome Apparently He has not been doing to well though - and has been in a wheelchair the past few weeks so be sure to keep him in your prayers - he truly is a rockstar!!(: 

Also, since the Provo temple is closed - we were super sad that we weren't going to go inside again for 17 months. But then later in the week, we got a note that we were assigned to go and CLEAN the temple this Wednesday morning - and I can honestly say - it was one of the COOLEST experiences I've ever had! The sisters were in charge of taking apart the chandeliers in the sealing rooms, polishing each INDIVIDUAL crystal, and then resembling them. The temple worker told us that the biggest chandelier they have has over 5000 crystals - and it took them 2 days to clean. #dedication ha ha. 

It was so awesome because it just shows how incredible the temple is and what a blessing it is to be there. Not only does it bring peace and joy - but it also REPRESENTS peace and joy and LIGHT! I challenge you to read Thomas S. Monson's last conference address from April - and then GO to the temple and soak in that light!(: It is truly something special that I am going to miss dearly - but I cannot wait to return and feel that again!

I hope you all have an incredible week - Te iubesc!

Sora Armstrong


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