Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"POFTITI"ing in the Park

WOW what a Week!(: It has been truly amazing though!

There have been so many different highlights of the week - I don't even know where to begin!(: We are emailing on Wednesday this week because on Monday we had the chance to travel to Bucharest for our Zone Conference! It was so awesome! Bucharest is SO massive and is really interesting to see because about half of the city has GORGEOUS buildings (usually the government buildings ) and then the other half is cement block looking buildings. There are communist statues everywhere which is kinda sad, but the city has a feel of New York, Chicago, and London all mixed together...but is about 10 times more poor. It was still an amazing experience though and Zone Conference was wonderful!

So a lot of you have been asking for some fun facts about Romania - so I will certainly try my best because I'm still learning as well haha(: If you happen to come to the lovely land of Romania it is important to know:

1. If you are buying flowers and they are NOT for you, HOLD THEM DOWN when you are carrying them. Its super strange and I am not exactly sure about the reason behind it all...but if you see someone on the street who has flowers that are face up - its for them. But if they are upside down - they are for someone else. 

2. There are gypsy's EVERYWHERE. But what is so cool is that there are indeed some really cool gypsies who wont take your whole wallet - just the cash! Hahaha oh man. It is apparently so common for this to happen to missionaries - so I have heard this advice many a time. Another interesting fact about gypsies and Romanians in general is that there is no such thing as a "middle class" here. They are either super poor, or super wealthy. Kinda sad, but truth. 

3. Covrigs. Amazing. Always.

4. Humidity. All. The. Time.......

5. Never ever ever set your bag on the ground, or kneel on the ground...they will yell at you and tell you that you are now cursed and will never have kids. Not exactly sure why...but oh well. 

6. They also NEVER turn on the A/C. They say that the breeze will make you sick - so windows and A/C are not an option - ever! haha

Anyways, I'll come up with some more facts, but another AMAZING fact is that Alesea SET A DATE !!! Thank you thank you for all of your prayers - she has set a date for August 27th, and is so excited, and certain, and determined!  She is super excited to be baptized and take that next step! It will certainly be incredible!(:
Another amazing experience that I had this week was on Friday with Sora Green. Sora Green is also serving in Constanta, and was in my MTC group. She is seriously a ROCKSTAR! So some things happened on Friday where it was just me and Sora Green and her trainer and an STL, and so while me and Sora Green were  practicing Romanian, the two suggested that we go off contacting....
Now think about this...
Two 19 year old girls...who can barely speak this language.....who barely know the city....were sent off to go find a park.  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! AH, I cant even express to you how real the gift of tongues is and how real the Holy Ghost is! If you are ready to work, and if you are prepared to work, God will place opportunities for you in your path!

So me and Sora Green found a park, and we were walking around "Poftiti"ing people (which is basically giving out flyers with our phone number and a spiritual thought on the card) and we were having no real success. After about an hour though, we saw a cute 50 year old lady pushing a stroller who looked like she was in a hurry. However we both had the feeling that we needed to talk to her so we ran over there and said "POFTITI!" but, she didn't stop - BUT she DID take the card!

Then we hear, "No no I can't take this" and we both whip back around and the lady says "No no I don't speak Romanian." It took Sora Green and I a little bit of time to register that she wasn't speaking Romanian, but when it clicked we both lit up and were like "HEY! Neither do we!!(: " haha it was similar to the moment in the Best Two Years movie. 

She is SO awesome and immediately opened up. We got her number, she wanted our names for Facebook, I gave her an awesome English pass along card (Thank you again Sister Burgon!!(:  )  and then Sora Green had a copy of an English Book of Mormon so we gave it to her! Her name is Grace and she is a nanny here in Romania from the Philippines. She told us she has a daughter our age, and wanted to know why were are here, so we set up a return appointment! This all happened in like 5 minutes! 

How cool huh? It is so amazing how Heavenly Father puts the people who are prepared and ready to hear about the gospel, and who need a friend in our path! I am so grateful for this gospel and for the goodness, light, and happiness this gospel can bring!

I hope you all have amazing weeks!(: Thank you for your examples and for all you do! 

Te iubesc!

Sora Armstrong

(We have about 9 kittens that are always outside our apartment or "block door." They are SUPER cute, but I refuse to touch them - as you call tell from this pic....haha). 

(Although Constanta is hot and humid, is Glorious!!! - and cue the David Archuleta song). 

(This place used to be an old casino. It is HUGE and AMAZING and GORGEOUS!)

(Zone Conference in Bucharest) 

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