Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12 Days and Counting.....

Hello Hello Hello!

My oh my what a week it has been! A literal roller coaster of ups and downs. (I am so sorry about my spelling and grammar; its a mix of both typing too fast and getting English/Romanian mixed up in my head - hopefully a good sign right?(: ) 

Anyways... Some of the great things that happened this week as far as language goes... we learned how to say a lot of fun phrases...(: 
The first one..."Aaaaaaa" - means, "Wow!" haha(: (Be sure to say this one out loud - its truly fun and one of the easiest words to say haha)
Matei - Matthew
Mara - Mark 
Iona - Jonah (Sorry Mitch they don't have your name in the Scriptures haha(: )
Iacov - Means both JAMES and JACOB! hahaha we were so confused about this because in "Limba Romana" (Romanian language) you have to specify which book of scripture by PAGE NUMBER because if you said, "Turn to the book of Iacov...." they could turn to either James or Jacob." (: 

ALSO! Something fun for those summer days, look up the song, "Numa Numa" by O-zone. It is a CLASSIC 90s song that is 100% Romanian(; Let me know what you think!

So like I said earlier, to every up - there is a down. 

This previous Sunday, my companion Sora Padgett ended up having to go to the ER because of some severe stomach pains she was having. While she was checking in - I happened to see a lady (she was about early 30s) with a large bandage on the right side of her face - and saw that she was staring at me. We made eye contact, and she quickly asked me, "Are you a missionary?" Nodding my head, I walked over to this lady and she asked, "Can you pray for me?" When I asked her what I should or who I should pray for, she said her name was Misty and to just pray for her and her situation. 

As I said this prayer - I was impressed with things to say and things that I (at least hope) she needed to hear. The words that I said in that prayer were not my own and I can testify of that. Heavenly Father knew EXACTLY what Misty needed to hear - and what she needed to feel at that time. After the prayer we exchanged a quick hug and ended up getting called back with tears streaming down her face. 

Then luckily a few minutes after Sora Padgett saw a doctor and physicians assistant, she said she was feeling 100% better.

How amazing is that? I can testify that God can heal our hearts just as much as our physical selves. Maybe the reason we went to the ER that day wasn't just for Sora Padgett's stomach - in fact I know it wasn't. God is mindful of EACH of us and knows who we are, where we are, and who we can become.

We need to have COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE faith in Him and believe that we "..can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" That is my challenge to you this week(: I love you all! Chow!
(Classic District MTC Map Picture)

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