Monday, July 20, 2015

All About the Heart!

Hello there friends and family(: I hope that you have each had an incredible week and that all has been well!
This week has been crazy! Really different, difficult, amazing, and full of opportunities.
I am still adjusting to the wonderful life here in Romania, and language wise it has been very difficult. Yet, the people here are INCREDIBLE and when they open up their hearts to you, it is honestly one of the COOLEST things ever!

The language is coming along slowly, yet surely! THEY ALL TALK SO FAST! Oh my goodness its crazy haha. They have told me many times that I look like I'm from Romania"  so they assume I understand, so usually I just smile and nod - it works right?(: 

Sometimes though it can be hard when I can't participate in lessons because I don't understand what they're saying, or what someone says to me on the bus....apparently I got invited to Dubai the other week by a older gentleman, but that's why I have my AWESOME companion Sora Armstrong - because she has been here for about 9 months and she speaks like a champ! She truly teaches with boldness and power which is something that these people in Romania need to hear!
Earlier this week we had an incredible finding opportunity. We teach a wonderful girl named Alesea at her bar/snack shack on the beach, and she is SO close to setting a baptismal date. We are hoping to commit her by this Thursday when we go to visit be sure to keep her in your prayers! 

Anyway, we were teaching her about the Plan of Salvation, when a guy saw our Books of Mormon and our name tags and said, "What is your message for me?" He sat right down and begin to tell us all about why he is Orthodox and why he believes in God - and asked why we believed in some guy named Mormon....
It led into an incredible discussion with both him and Alesea about the Restoration and about how Christ's SAME church is on the earth again!! She bore her testimony and ROCKED it, and this guy totally understood the Restoration, the Apostasy, and the Priesthood and why they are important in his life and everyone's lives. We weren't able to get his phone number because he was just visiting from Brasov and didn't have his number memorized, but we told him to look up the church when he got back, and we gave him a Restoration pamphlet with our phone number!

HOW COOL RIGHT? It is so incredible to me how God truly prepares a way - for all of us! He prepares our hearts in the right time, in the right place, and in the right circumstances so that we can draw closer to Him in EVERY WAY that we can! But going along with that is that we have to have that DESIRE. We cannot change, we cannot progress, we cannot become BETTER if we do not have that desire to draw closer to Christ and our Father in Heaven! But, what is so cool is that once we have that DESIRE, and once we PREPARE our hearts for the Lord, He directs and leads and blesses and loves us in ways and opportunities we cannot comprehend! That is my challenge for you this week!(:
I love you all and I hope you have  an INCREDIBLE week! Eat some snow cones for me!(: `


Sora Armstrong

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