Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Buna Ziua!!(:

Hello friends and family!(: I hope that your week has been incredible and that your summer has been more than splendid. Eat snow cones and such for me okay?(:

This week has been great, and has flown by fairly quickly. The language is progressing slowly but surely, and each day is truly a new adventure. Its kinda cool to see the effects of the gift of tongues, because as frustrating as learning a new language can be - Heavenly Father understands that and gives you a piece of understanding step by step, day by day, according to your work. There have been lessons with our "investigators" where I have needed to think of a word, and after a few seconds, it suddenly comes to mind. It is the COOLEST thing ever because I KNOW that it is not me - it is the Spirit. 

ALSO: If I could describe one word or topic of the week, it would be.....OBEDIENCE.
In my district, there is 3 Elders, Sora Padgett (my companion) and I. It is pretty nice that it is just the 5 of us because it gives us more time to get to know each other, and more time to learn the language with the teacher. The very first day together, we all made a goal to do the best we can to be obedient, and to be the best missionaries that we could be. We all shared why we were out on missions, and why we wanted to achieve the goal that we have set. 

However, in our hall, there is about 25 other Elders and 20 other Sisters, all going to Italy. Some of those Elders and Sisters are SO obedient, but for the most part, usually there is always about 10 Elders and Sisters in the hall goofing off, eating food, etc.

Those Elders and Sisters always come into our room to grab us during language practice, but EVERYTIME, without fail, we all look at each other and tell them that maybe another time would be better. 

Let me tell you folks, the quote that says, "Obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles." Is 100% true. 

It is SO cool to see the Spirit help us during lessons, when I'm learning how to pluralize verbs in Romanian, or even when I'm saying a prayer. I know that if we focus and work hard and remember why it is that we came on a mission; we have the Spirit with us. 

Love you all, 

Sora Armstrong

(My district and the other Soras going to serve in Romania)

(MTC President Burgess, his wife, and I after a training meeting) 

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