Thursday, June 11, 2015

Buna Ziua! MTC: Week #2

Hello!! My dearest friends and family! I hope you have all had incredible weeks! It is so crazy to think that I have only been here for two weeks..there are times when it seems like it has been two months instead. 

There are times when here at the MTC where it can be rough, but there are more moments where it is rewarding. The spirit is CONSTANTLY here. ALL. THE. TIME. How cool right? It is so amazing to be able to feel that peace and comfort all the time that the Spirit brings - it is a constant reassurance that what we are doing is what God wants us to be doing at this point in our lives. 

The spiritual highlight of my week was something that I had not expected. On Sunday nights we are allowed to go and see a church movie in any of the buildings, so they usually have options like Legacy, Meet the Mormons, etc. But this week, they had the option of going to watch a previously recorded talk given from Elder Bednar called, "The Character of Christ." 

I had never heard a talk that was as powerful, meaningful, or spiritually confirming as this one. Elder Bednar went through certain stories in Christ's life and shared with us how ALL of us, can develop the character of Christ through His Atonement. He shared how Christ ALWAYS turned outward - He never put himself first. In the bible where it talks about how Christ washed the feet of the 12, there is a scripture that says that He KNEW that there were people there who would betray or disappoint him. Yet what did he do? He turned out. He served them - and not just that - He did so with the deepest love and sincerest heart. So I left that meeting with this question in mind, "How can I turn outward, and further develop MY relationship with Christ?  

Family and Friends, I have realized that the more we turn outwards, the less we focus on ourselves and what we want - THIS is when we draw closer to HIM! Because we are doing all we can do be LIKE Him! 

I have truly been struggling with this dear blessed Romanian Language, but after this talk, I have realized that the more I serve others and strive to have the Spirit with me, that is all I need. I can go teach the restoration lesson with an investigator and speak perfect Romanian, but if they don't feel the Spirit...then what is the point? 
Investigators invite missionaries back not for their perfect language skills, but for the Spirit that they felt when the missionaries were there. 

I can testify that this is true. This week I have been focusing on FIRST deepening the relationship and Spirit that I have with my Father in Heaven, and then SECOND focusing on the language. Heavenly Father has this cool trick where if there is truly something that the investigator needs to hear in Romanian, it will happen. The gift of tongues is REAL, the Spirit is REAL, and Eu stiu ca Isus Hristos este Salvatorul Nostu. Dumnezeu te iubeste. 

I love you all - and I hope you all have an incredible week!(:

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