Wednesday, August 17, 2016

President Uchtdorf Coming to My Mission

Hey there Family and Friends!!(:

Super interesting week this past week - but it seems like it just flew by!

On Wednesday we got to head on down to Bucharest for the MLC (a conference for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders) and that was super cool to see everyone for a few hours and to hear some amazing advice and knowledge from President Ivory and from his friend, Vaughn Burbidge. He promised us that our vision would expand as a mission and as a missionary - if we are positive, if we express thanks, and if we are grateful for all of the little things. It was super cool because since Wednesday - I have really been trying to make a extra effort to do all three - and I have seen such an amazing difference.(: 

Other than that - it has kinda been just a normal kinda week(: 

We found out that President Uchtdorf is coming to our mission after dedicating the temple in Germany - and that he is going to join us on our mission conference on the 6th of September! How cool is that?(: Super stoked!

I hope that you guys have a great week - sure love you all!

Sora Armstrong 

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