Monday, July 18, 2016

Tied Mission Record: Longest Time Spent in a City

Hey there family and friends!!(:

So....guess who is staying in CLUJ???(: hahahaha YES! Ten and a half months in literally my favorite city on earth(: #LESSGO I am SO excited to stay here for another transfer - literally tied with the mission record for longest time spent in a city haha(: But it will be good! I'll get to be here for Angel's baptism and I can't wait to see the other miracles that are in store for the amazing people and branch here in Cluj!

So I am now serving with Sora Strader - who I actually have been on exchanges with two times before this haha(: So pretty cool(: She is awesome! She is Ukrainian - and was adopted from there when she turned 13, and has lived in Utah ever since! She is seriously such a rockstar - always so ready to work and go go go!(: We are going to be STLs again here, so that also will be super fun(:

Things with Angel are progressing! And it has been great to see him so happy and so prepared! Be sure to keep him in your prayers - we are hoping that everything will go through!

It truly was SO hard to say goodbye to Sora Andrus - she was one of my best friends, and we just had a great time together! But I know that she will excel and do great things in the city of Ploiesti - and she will actually be serving with my MTC bud - Sora Cutler! Which will be great(: 

I hope that you all have had an amazing week!(: Keep me posted!

Love ya!

Sora Armstrong(:

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