Monday, March 14, 2016

Youngest STL (Sister Training Leader) Companionship in the Mission

Hi there family and friends!!

This week was a crazy, busy one - full of surprises and rain and lessons and things! But it was honestly one of the best!

Sora Falkenburg is seriously SO awesome! She is such a champ at just working as hard as she can every single day with the language, with talking to people, etc. She is truly so great!

This week we found out transfer boards! AHH! So I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, President Ivory had mentioned me training before the emergency transfer happened, but I was honestly just expecting that me and Sora Falkenburg would either just stay together for another one, or that I would get moved to another city. So when we found out transfer boards - saw that me and Sora Falkenberg are staying together - but that we are also going to be STLs/Sister Training Leaders for the west zone in our mission. AH! 

Truly truly - I had absolutely no clue what that meant or entailed in any way - and since Sora Falkenberg and I are the youngest STL companionship in the mission, we had no idea what to do haha! But honestly - we are so so excited. It will be a learning experience for sure, but I am looking forward to serving another transfer here in Cluj with these incredible people - and for really getting to know and help these sisters in our zone! It will be great!

Also kinda a sad week because Sora Armstrong (my trainer) Sora Koth, and Sora Trebas are all leaving this next week. Truly going to miss them like crazy - they were incredible examples and leaders not only for me, but for this mission! They truly made all the difference here and in the lives of those people who they came in contact with!

As for the rest of the week - we met with quite a few members and less actives, but probably the highlight for sure was Sunday. We have been working with this less active named Viorica for a while now, and she literally hasn't been to church in years. However, this week we challenged her again - and she actually agreed! We showed up to her house on sunday morning, and there she was all ready in her cute pink shirt and skirt - talking about how much she needs to bring for tithing and things. SO COOL! 

God seriously does work miracles! I will honestly never forget how when she walked into the church building with us, and how all the members got SO excited and just rushed to her and gave her a huge hug, gave her liahonas and lesson manuals, encouraged her to sit by them, etc. It was honestly, so incredible. 

I sure love you guys - keep praying for Felicia as we are going to try and challenge her again to set a date for baptism this week. will keep you posted! Sure love ya!

Sora Armstrong

Found a sign that actually said "Ärmstrong"!!!! #hanice

We found a field of huge huge pigs! haha

Us and the Elder's invesitggor (Costel) waving off Elder Seegmiller as he's headed to Alexandria! Romanian smiles haha(:

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