Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ah...More Stomach Soup!

Hey there family and friends!!(:
What a crazy week it has been for sure!
To start it all off - we were actually in Brasov and Bucharest for a little bit. Sora Wyatt was transfered over there to the gorgeous city of Brasov, and from what I have heard - is doing so so well there! Thank you so much for including her in your prayers - she truly is such a rockstar!!
So we got back to Cluj late Wednesday night - and I arrived with the adorable Sora Falkenberg! She is so awesome! She's 22 from Canada - and has been here in Romania for about 4/5 months now! Ah, she is seriously so great - and speaks the language like a PRO! I have already learned so much from her, she is not afraid to be bold with these people and share our purpose - which is so so cool(: I know that we're going to have a blast for sure!

So this week we were able to meet with Felicia! Ah, she is so adorable! She is 45 years old, and is just so so prepared ya know? All four of us missionaries actualy met with her this week - and we taught the Restoration in a new way with some visual aids as kind of a review. She totally knew it all, and is just so senstive to the Spirit it is incredible! She had a poor headache so she wasn't feeling too good, but fed us "Italian Spaghetti"haha(: It was the BEST! So anyways - the lesson was going super super well, and we actually felt impressed to invite her to baptism. So we challenged her - and poor girl, with her headache and everything, and with looking for a job, she said that she hadn't had time to study the Book of Mormon so she wants to study and learn a bit more, and then we can talk about it. So we are actually going to invite her again this week, and try to establish a date...taking a act of faith that everything will work out ya know?(: So be sure to keep her in your prayers and I'll let ya know how it goes!

We were also able to meet up with the cute sisters from Sibiu, Sora Trebas and Sora Yost - two outstanding sister missionaries and dear friends! Sora Trebas is actually going home in like a week, with Sora Armstrong (my trainer) and Sora Koth (who I served with in Constanta). I am going to miss them for SURE!

Ah and then this week guess what happened again? More stomach soup. MORE! Ah it was...geat. haha again qujite the experience - excpect for this time, even better, we got to see HOW she made it. haha Edith is seriously the best, just cracks me up. It was her birthday, she turned 61, and she was just so so happy(: We actually watched the Restoration with her in Hungarian, and she loved it. We challenged her to baptism afterwards, and she got super upset actually. She has been investigating the church for over 14 years now, and named herself "sora simplatizana"or "sister investigator".....ah. So anyways, we got a big NO from her, but she wants to go to the temple this coming August to the temple dedication in Frieberg Germany! So we'll see - we'll keep working with her for sure! Ah, I just love her so much ya know? Its just hard when she knows that the church is true, but just doesn't want to change...

Thank you so much you guys for everything that you do - for your examples and support. I sure love you guys! Have a great week!

Some of the Valentines I made for my English class students (: With candy attatched too!

Us with the Sibiu sisters!!!(:

Edith and I on her 61st b-day!

Some of the Cow stomach that we ate

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