Monday, March 28, 2016

Celebrating Easter...Romanian Style!

Hey there Family and Friends!!(:

I can't believe it's already Monday again. Things are going so well here! Missionary work is one of the best things in the entire world. It's definitely one of the hardest, but it's also so so amazing and so so worth it!!(:

We were able to meet with some incredible people - we started off by meeting with Felicia (finally) and talking a little bit about Easter and showing here the amazing video that the church came out with! (link is below if you haven't seen it - or if ya want to see it again(: ) Easter is such an amazing holiday, but its so interesting because people here celebrate it at different times depending on what religion you are. For example, the majority of the people here are Orthodox, and they don't celebrate until May 1st! The Jehovah Witnesses' already celebrated - and Catholics and ours was yesterday. 

So it was actually super cool, because here the traditions for Easter are SO fun and just full of culture! They hand paint their easter eggs - which turn out to be GORGEOUS! They also dye a TON of eggs just a deep deep red color, to symbolize Christ's blood and then apparently around Easter, you smash your red egg with another persons red egg. 

So Saturday night we were actually invited by Cristina - one of our new catholic investigators, to go to the Catholic Easter service that night. It was SO interesting! At like 8 at night, we went with our little tiny candles (it was all we had haha) and just stood in this HUGE Hungarian Catholic church! They all lit each others candles, and the entire huge Catholic church was just full of beautiful candle light! Kinda cool! Well, so while we were doing this waiting for Cristina, she gives us a call and tells us we are at the wrong church #ofcourse haha. So we head to the Romanian Catholic church (it was good we actually understood what was going on there haha) and it was PACKED! Here, people really only go to church on Easter and for Christmas - so it was just this HUGE room full of people and me and Sora Falkenberg with our little tiny candles(: haha it was great(: 

Around Easter there is always just such a beautiful spirit and a great time to remember about Christ - and share it with others!(: There has never been a better time to be a missionary! Share it with others - thats my challenge for you(; Have a great week!(:

(Here is the link in English)
(and here it is in Romanian if you feel so inclined)

Love you guys!!

Sora Armstrong

It rained SO much this week.. it was FABULOUS!(: haha - it also snowed a couple times! #arewebackinutah??

The Hungarian church! (this is the inside of the big brown one from the previous pic)

When all the lights were off and we just had candlelight!

I was freakin out - I thought it was so cool(:

My companion and I at the Hungarian church. 

The packed Romanian church!

Our Wimpy candles. 

We also found a license plate that said STL and we freaked out haha(: 
NOTE: Sora Armstrong is currently serving as the STL - Senior Trainer Leader. 

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