Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday Sora Armstrong

Hey Everyone! 

Another quick, extremely busy week!(: One of the best(:

We flew into Bucharest this past week for MLC, and that was quite the adventure! We had to be at the airport at 5 am, and so we were super tired, but MLC was really great, our presentation went smoothly (even though we were freaking out because we had not a lot of time to prepare it haha), and it was fun to see some other missionaries. We flew back around 5 pm, and Sebi our investigator happened to be on the same flight as us! It was totally a blessing because we were trying to get a hold of him - and hey there he was! Just totally sittin on the same row as me haha(: and then givin us a ride home!(: #rockstar!

Saturday morning we started walking to English and it was a beautiful day out, we haven't had to wear tights or boots at all this fact it has been summer weather here. However at the end of our English class it started to POUR. We had no jackets or anything, and we had an appointment at our investigator Felicia's house. So...we walked. The Elders let us borrow a umbrella, but the rain was coming down so hard we just got soaked. Haha and on the way, a car splashed us so hardcore. Something that I thought you only see in movies ya know? haha but just sped up and we got SOAKED #hanice So we showed up at Felicia's house looking like we had just taken a shower. She was so cute and made us change into PJs (haha mine had daisies all over...bless) and she made us delicious Italian food. Anyways, we asked her if she had thought about Baptism and she said she had been praying, and that she decided it was the right path in her life. YESSSS. However, she said she wanted to wait until she went back to Italy, so maybe in a few months. We were so excited she made this decision, but sad because she hadn't committed fully. She has a friend Cristiano (possibly future husband?), and she wants him to baptize her so she wants to wait until she goes back maybe this summer. She said she knows she wants to be baptized, but just not sure when.

SO, we called President yesterday and asked him what was the best thing to do. President Ivory speaks Italian, so we thought maybe we could skype him in for a lesson and he could talk to her about her thoughts and concerns and waiting to go back to Italy. President told us he would love to do that (he's the, and that maybe he could even pay for a plane ticket for Cristiano to get here!!!! #YESSSS

THEN, last night we went over to her house to help her with computer things for work. We did that for maybe 20 minutes, and then started talking about gospel things, and we brought up the baptism date again. We told her what President Ivory told us about buying a plane ticket for Cristiano, and she broke down into tears right away and called him!! She was just overcome with gratitude and joy, telling us she knows she needs to take this step. She knows it is a good thing, and that it will bring her closer to god. SO SHE AGREED TO THE 23rd!!! I AM SO HAPPY! It's a hard feeling to describe, but knowing that someone you have been teaching, and you have been helping, has decided to take this step that will only bless their lives abundantly. I was just overcome with joy and love. I kind of got a glimpse of the love Heavenly Father has for his children, because my heart was so full. MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING IN CLUJ. 

Another blessing!! Sora Nelson and Elder Nelson, a senior couple that was serving in the office in Cluj, have been sent to serve in Cluj! I have never served around a Senior Couple yet, but I am so excited! They are so so sweet, and already have invited us and Felicia over to their house for dinner. They have offered to drive us to investigators houses, and to have district meeting at their house. They will be such a strength to the Branch, it is exactly what our Branch needs right now. They are just filled with light and love for everyone they talk to. 

Also - thank you so much for all of the B-day wishes!! 20 years old.....AHHHHH! hahaha it will be good(: Funny thing too is that it is also Elder Nelsons birthday today too! haha #yesss so we are all going to go out to dinner tonight(: They're seriously the best!

I sure love each and every one of you guys!(: Thanks for all you do - Have a great week!

Sora Armstrong 

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