Thursday, August 20, 2015

SEEK the GOSPEL - a Baptism, Brasov, and the Book of Mormon

Hey hey there friends and family(: Buna Ziua!!(:

To start off....LIVIU IS BAPTIZED!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers for him - Oh my goodness we were SO pumped for him!!!(: Then the next day he received the Holy Ghost, the Aaronic Priesthood, and a calling to be a Sunday School Teacher! How cool is that? He was super happy and was just smiling all the while haha - what a ROCKSTAR!! 

Then on Monday at the glorious morning of 5:30AM - we headed out to Bucharest! From there we all piled onto buses - and took the 4 hour drive to Brasov. It is BEAUTIFUL there! I cannot express how happy I was to see mountains again! Everything was just so clean and it wasn't as humid and it was just glorious! 

Right when we got there we headed right out on a hike to go and see a beautiful waterfall, and from there we headed back to go and tour the Castle Cantacuzino. 

The next morning we had a mission conference in the chapel in Brasov - and President Ivory and Sora Ivory gave us a new read the entire book of mormon in 84 days! President Ivory is SO adamant that we follow this challenge and that we push ourselves to draw Closer to Christ by reading this book. He said, "The Book of Mormon is not only TRUE...but it is CRUCIAL in these Latter-days. As families and individuals do this - they will be blessed both in school, work, and family situations." 

SO(: As school is starting back up, and as family life gets crazier and busier, and as work gets more and more intense - President Ivory, Sora Ivory, and MYSELF challenge YOU to read the Book of Mormon in 84 days. I know that there will seem like there is no time, or way to read all 5 chapters - but I promise that if you pray for the opportunity to do so - and if you act on it - you will be so so HAPPY and you are going to see So many incredible, amazing, and INCREDIBLE blessings(: The Book of Mormon is TRUE! I know it with all my heart! It is a compass that guides and converts us and our hearts to become better and closer to our Father in Heaven! I encourage all who have read it before to read it again! Or for those who have never read it all the way through - to Start!!!! It will change your life - for I have seen how it changes others and I have seen how it has changed mine!(: I believe in you - and I love each of you!

Have an amazing week(: 

Sora Armstrong


Sora Pusy, Green and me. We were all in the same MTC group. I would love to serve with both of these girls at some point! We decided that since we were in a castle we needed to act like princesses and try out this whole "proper" thing haha

The "Armstrongs" at the top of the mountain!

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